Ошибка 0xc000021 в Windows 10

When the error 0xc000021 in Windows 10 appears, you can safely say that in 99% of cases, the majority of PC users who face this problem will immediately drop their hands and become depressed, since they realize that they will not be able to cope with this problem on their own. This is why we are becoming the next reason to immerse ourselves more globally in the world of the new operating system Windows 10, which, although it's pretty, still has a number of problems and mistakes that are still not and who will not be able to to cope, that they did not arise here and there. But no matter how difficult the OS problems are in terms of errors, you can always try to cope with them, and therefore we suggest that you read this article so that you have at least some chance of countering the error 0xc000021.

How does the error 0xc000021 look visually in Windows 10?

Here everything is simple enough and even trite, as often, this error does not manifest itself exactly as long as the user does not see the corresponding message on the blue screen of the monitor. Often, it turns out that you are trying to start the computer and at the time of system boot, you see what is presented below in the screenshot. Also, the error periodically arises because of the "software conflict."

What causes the error 0xc000021 in Windows 10?

  • One of the most common issues that causes this problem is that the user was used on his old computer or laptop with the operating system Windows 7 or Windows 8, and more recently, moved without the upgrade of PC components on Windows 10. In this case, there is often a confrontation between those components that are already morally and physically obsolete, and completely new software in the person of the "dozens".
  • Stability during the upgrade of the operating system is a guarantee of its long-term work in the future. If the upgrade happens at least a little: an internet connection fails, a voltage jump, you accidentally turn off the computer from the network, etc., then prepare for problems.
  • When using a modern operating system, do not try to install outdated games or programs into it, as this can have a detrimental effect on the operation of the OS, which will lead to the sudden appearance of the error 0xc000021 in Windows 10. It should also be noted if, when installing the program, you noticed that the OS refuses to fully interact with the installed software, then it is best to refuse this installation.
  • Trying to roll back the OS can also become a big problem for your computer. When you rollback, the archive file must be undamaged, because if it is damaged, the next run of the operating system will become problematic, because you will automatically get corrupted files into your program.
  • Do not ignore the penetration of malicious software in Windows 10, because from its submission, too, there may be an error 0xc000021 and as a result, a total OS lock.

How to remove error 0xc000021 in Windows 10?
  • We start with the fact that we are trying to restart the operating system (you can even several times and see what happens). Try logging in to Safe Mode. If you can get into the OS, then certainly roll back the program to the earliest recovery point.
  • Provided that you have such an opportunity, you can also delete the update "kb3004365" (if you have it installed). If you do not have such an update, then this item is not for you.
  • If the cause of your problems are corrupted system files, you need to test them. Initially, you need to enter your OS with administrator rights, then you open a command line in any available way for you and type in the command: "sfc / scannow". Since the utility requires a little time, you should wait until it checks everything and tries to make corrections to the files that were damaged. As soon as the scan is finished, immediately re-enter the command line with administrator rights and register another command to the OS: "DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth". When this item is executed, it remains only to wait until the scanning and recovery of the system completely by means of own capabilities.
  • A very good way to reanimate the system is to use a "boot disk". The peculiarity of this method is that it makes it possible almost without obstacles to get to the OS desktop, which has not been opened recently. This method is good because with its help, it is possible: scan the system, remove all unnecessary from it and keep everything you need.
  • It is important to understand at what particular moment the error 0xc000021 appears. Since there are situations that the "blue screen of death" at the computer does not appear immediately during the boot of the OS, it means that the problem may be caused by the previously installed application in the system, which is loaded in automatic mode. Also, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the error may appear after your own manual launch of a specific software. In both of these cases, you must uninstall the software that causes an error in the system.
  • Alternatively, you can resort to third-party software, in our case, perfectly suited "Dr. Watson." The only and quite important point in the use of this program is that it must be installed exactly the same way as the installer requires of you and under no circumstances DO NOT disable the autoload of this software, because it is the essence of scanning and searching for system errors when condition of simultaneous start of the program with OS. In addition, that you can run this software also from the command line, and for this you just need to copy the path to the ".exe" file (the path should look something like this: OS \ System32 \ Drwtsm32.exe.), After that, run the command string and paste the copied path to the executable, then select the parameters that the program should use to scan and identify problems in the system. In our case, it's best to choose something from the category "visual alert, creating a memory backup file and adding it to an existing log file". Now, you have to reboot the OS on its own and as soon as it starts to load, press the "F" key, which will allow you to open the window, in which there are options for system downloads, we are here "Last successful configuration", as soon as the system starts to boot, again click on "F" and select the system with which you are currently working, after which, once again authorize the OS reboot yourself.
  • Do not ignore the possibility of scanning the system with a licensed antivirus, as this method of eliminating the problem is also very effective and you should definitely not deny it.

If everything is done correctly, then surely something from the above described methods should help you cope with your problem without reinstalling the operating system Windows 10, since most often - it's the most undesirable time costs for setting up the software and bringing it to that working state, to which you are used to earlier.

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