Activation of notifications in a virtual reality helmet

If you have played computer games at least once or have done some kind of work on a PC, then you most likely know the feeling of “dropping your head” and immersing yourself completely in the virtual world, you feel quite a bit of time and “understand your head” “It becomes clear that the computer world was able to pull you into your virtual space for several hours. Thus, you were held hostage to a situation in which you simply didn’t just have a sense of real time and, as a result, everything that was happening around you was ignored by you. It is clear that over time, it can be learned to control and be more sensitive to the passage of time, but agree that if there is an opportunity to start using a virtual reality helmet from Microsoft, then everything is completely different, since the graphical universe becomes not just "flat" , as on the monitor screen, and has a very realistic visualization, so that completely allows you to forget about the real world. For this reason, the developers tried to introduce new features for customizing, even by today's standards, a unique gadget and invited its users to find out: “What is activation of notifications in a virtual reality helmet in Windows 10?”

Before you start making some settings on your device, we would like to warn you that the new notification option is designed in such a way that before you decide to use it, you need to perform: scanning, downloading and installing all components that are related to the update “mixed reality of Windows”, as this is a very important point without which, the actions you performed on the instructions described below may be completely useless and not some visualization notifications ovatsya while working in the head-mounted display will not!

Activation of notifications in a virtual reality helmet in Windows 10

In general, everything is very simple here, as each of your actions requires only attentiveness and correctness of transitions, so focus and proceed to the inclusion of a new option!

The simplest and necessary in the “ten” begins to be configured with the fact that you have to go to the “Parameters” panel, the next step is “System”, now a specialized section called “Notifications and actions”, further delving into the previous section and go to the "Notifications". Everything, you are at the end point and you need to find in the upper part of the window (in the right column): “Display notifications on the virtual helmet” and “switch”, which will be in the off position (“Off”), and you must move it to the on position (“On”).

If you didn’t where you did not deviate from the step-by-step transitions described above, then in that case, activating notifications in a virtual reality helmet in Windows 10, you were 100% complete!

Here we also note that the activation process does not require additional system settings or its reboot, since all notifications become active immediately after they are turned on!

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