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The attractiveness of free programs, very often for the average user, turns out to be a kind of trap into which he wanders himself, without even realizing it. This is exactly what happens with users who decide to use a completely high-quality 7-zip archiver that has long been proven on the market, which, without any problems, can cope completely free of charge with the same tasks that its paid colleagues can do. However, when using this archiver, it’s worth remembering “free cheese in a mousetrap...” But you shouldn’t be scared and think that the developers of 7-zip drastically revised the development policy of their software and started stuffing all nonsense into it... In fact In fact, the archiver's developers supplemented it with a couple of applications, each of which is aimed at performing specific actions. Thus, users who are not familiar with PCs, having installed the archiver in Windows 10, after a short period of time may notice that they have CRC SHA in the context menu.

Of course, such a discovery may scare many, but it seems to us that you should not be nervous about this, since the items that appear in the context menu of the system are not as critical as it seems, which means that you can easily coexist with them or You can very easily refuse by disconnecting them.

Disable CRC SHA in the context menu in Windows 10

Since the cause of all your troubles was the 7-zip archiver, disabling unnecessary items in the context menu will have to be done with it. Accordingly, use the path to the action of the following nature: Start menu → perform a search for the query 7-zip → go to the displayed results in the 7-zip File Manager.

Further, the nature of the action is as follows: “Toolbar” (related to the “Service” section) → “Settings”.

And the last actions on your part to add specific settings to the used archiver will look like this: “7-zip” → “CRC SHA” → remove the checkbox from the checkbox → “Apply” → “Ok” → check the result in the context menu.

And what will happen if you do not disable CRC SHA in the context menu in Windows 10?

In fact, the presence of CRC SHA in the context menu of your operating system will have almost no effect on its operational capabilities, unless you consider what you will constantly see in the context menu the item that will become Indicate that any file that gets to your computer can be checked in two ways:

  • "CRC" - allows you to minimize errors that occur during the transfer of files.
  • “SHA” - allows you to minimize problems with files downloaded from the Internet, as it checks them for compliance.

Thus, with the help of CRC SHA, on the one hand, it is possible to increase the quality of work of your system, but on the other hand, many users do not use these features of the application, since it is easier not to try to “restore” or something else to do with the file for it. full-fledged work, and execute, re-download it from another source, good with ubiquitous Internet access in modern realities, you will not have any problems in this regard.

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