Variable Refresh Rate feature in Windows 10

Recently, those users who like to play computer games and do not use outdated hardware, but try to keep up with the times, may have noticed that they have an additional Variable Refresh Rate function in Windows 10. This innovation is ready to allow everyone to take a look at using DirectX 11 with a redesigned screen refresh rate. Thus, the technology of adaptive frame rate synchronization reaches a new level while in PC games, and in the near future, it is possible that in: virtual reality, graphic projects and so on. It is due to this update of the software component that each user gets the opportunity to independently prevent the “screen break” and thereby bring the game component to a new level.

Why is it necessary to enable the Variable Refresh Rate feature in Windows 10?

The essence of using the VRR function is that it gives you the opportunity to contemplate what you could not do before, even though you had the opportunity to use add-ons such as: “Adaptive-Sync” and “G-Sync”.

In addition, the activation of the function must also be carried out by the fact that by default it is disabled and the OS is not used in automatic mode, thus, in order to start it, you need to perform a small number of mouse clicks. This is especially true if you have a modern, powerful PC.

How to enable the Variable Refresh Rate feature in Windows 10?

In fact, it is not difficult to perform this action, since you always have the opportunity to refer to: “Windows Settings” → “Display” → “Graphics Settings” → “Variable Update Frequency” → “On”.

As you can see, the whole process from the beginning to the end takes no more than 10 clicks with the left mouse button and all just in order to eventually move the switch from one position to another.

Why doesn't the VRR feature turn on in Windows 10?

It is not strange, but even this may be the reasons and the main ones are:

  • Video card - must be able to support the Variable Refresh Rate function in Windows 10.
  • Drivers - Must be installed “WDDM” in a relatively newer version 2.6 or higher.
  • Full-screen game mode - only in this state, a unique function will work.

Summing up the use of VRR in Windows 10

As for the sensations while using VRR, they will undoubtedly please you, as the game picture will change significantly and will give a virtual adventure some game charm. But as regards the use of components to launch a new function, then you should definitely “think a hundred times” before acquiring them, since they play not the last place in the whole “operation” for setting up a unique gaming space.

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