How to set up Microsoft Edge to read?

The question is: “How to set up Microsoft Edge for reading?” PC users have not been raised more than once, as many of those who constantly use the “top ten” face numerous problems while reading articles. “Problems” are hidden in the fact that often, the average user expresses a desire not only to increase the entire browser using the “Ctrl +” hotkeys, but to perform more in-depth settings that are hidden in certain program options. That is why the developers from Microsoft paid attention to this topic and made additions to the Edge browser:

  • "Text Size";
  •  "Themes page".

In fact, both of the above options are next to each other and as a result, each user has the opportunity to use them at the same time (if necessary), but if for some reason you need to configure one thing, then this will not be problematic .

How to set up Microsoft Edge to read?

In general, all browser settings are made as simple as possible, since here, first of all, it will be necessary to authorize the launch of the Edge browser itself, after that, open the article you are going to read and go to the "Read" mode - this can be done by clicking on the icon in the form of a book located in the search box. Now, you need to click on the text in the article and refer to the "Parameters" button, after which it will be possible to use additional options in the "Text size" and "Page themes" form.

  • “Text size” is an option that allows you to set the text size in the entire article. This is very convenient, since only the text undergoes a change, and everything else in the browser has the same size.
  • “Page Themes” is an option that allows you to instantly change the color gamut of the background image below the text. With the help of these manipulations, you can always give an article that color appearance that is acceptable to your eyes.

Thus, each user in a few seconds can modify a readable article and make its appearance the most optimal for their own perception.

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