How to disable tips from the Game Menu in Windows 10?

If you very often have to use gaming applications, then most likely, you have already been able to observe that in your life there is a constant imposition of advice from Microsoft. Of course, if you look at these tips in the face of notifications - hints, then there is nothing terrible in their presence, all the more, they just inform a little knowledgeable user about certain actions in the OS. But if, you are among those users who have already learned everything and have their own worldview in this direction, then in this case, it is best to refuse these “tips” - disable tips from the Game menu in Windows 10, as they will only disturb you!

In order to proceed to the procedure for disabling the tips of the game menu, you first need to call the “Game Menu” itself, how to do this, you must decide yourself, personally, we will use the features of the “Hot keys” Win + G, after then, using the “Parameter Panel” (located in the “расположения” location area), click on the button we need - “Game Menu Options”.

Find, the so-called "block" "General" and in it, you must uncheck the box "Show tips at the beginning of the game."

After performing this action, you can close all windows, since the system settings will become active independently and even there will be no need to restart.

As it seems to us, this way disabling tips from the Game menu in Windows 10 is as simple as possible and any user can cope with this procedure, all the more difficult to set up the system, is not observed here at all and make a mistake in something even a newbie for the PC, surely fail, no matter how hard, he didn’t want it.

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