How to make Windows 10 black?

With the release of the Windows 10 operating system, many users thought about the fact that - this is one of the best operating systems, but it lacks the variety of colors that take place in the design. Thus, third-party developers have started creating all possible themes for design and to be honest, they did not quite succeed in this. But despite the efforts of third-party developers, the guys from Microsoft, even a year after creating their offspring, did not leave the theme of changing the color fan in the OS without their attention and as a result, this time, every user has the opportunity to do it himself Windpws 10 black, and if necessary, to restore the color scheme of the system and make it light again. So, now you will have the opportunity to manipulate the OS you are using in the way that you want, depending on: mood, working draft, work time, device, and so on.

Why is this method better than others?

One can argue a lot about this and disputes will be very long, but if you drop a little deeper, only one argument comes up to the surface - this is the opportunity to refuse third-party add-ons developed by some unclear and incomprehensible where. So, the system itself will remain clean and not affected by third-party software, and this is the biggest plus with which it is not possible to argue.

How to make Windows 10 black?

The main program section that you will need is “Settings” (it is easy to get into it, through the “Start” menu or by simultaneously pressing “Win ​​+ I”) → now you can go to the “Personalization” subsection, where you can choose the necessary option → go to the final section “Colors”, as the main settings will be made here → note that you need to move the “mark” from the item “Light” to the item “Dark”, which is located under the system option with the general name “Select the mode applications by default.

By the above manipulations, you can very quickly make Windows 10 black, and if necessary, with the illogical action log, you can make the “top ten” as light as possible. So, now, only you will decide how to act in specific situations and how to adjust the working system space for yourself.

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