Your avatar in Windows 10

Agree that very often, we, PC users, want to make our operating system as unique and individual as possible, at least in its appearance, which means that it is necessary to pay attention even to such trifles as creating an avatar. That is why we decided to touch upon the question: “How to create an avatar in Windows 10?” Since after studying it, each PC user will be able to add to his system the little zest that is very important for him .

Often, after acquiring a computer or reinstalling the Windows 10 operating system, you and I see that everything is set up “according to the standard”, which means that it’s time to act and we will proceed as follows: go to the Parameters panel, from there we go to the Accounts "And go to the section" Your data ".

Alternatively, you can use the Start menu workspace, where there is a user icon for which you need to click, after which a small menu appears and is already there, you can select the item “Change account settings”.

It is very convenient that when choosing an avatar, you can use not just a picture that you independently created in any photo editor or downloaded from the Internet, but took a real-time photo shoot using a webcam.

  • It is very easy to take a picture, as for this you need to use a block called “Create an avatar”, where there is an option “Camera”.
  • If you need to download the finished image, then in this case, it is best to use the button “Select one element” and after that, select the desired image.

Thus, you learned from the above presented article not only about: “How to create an avatar in Windows 10?” And also got the opportunity through this method to perform:

  • Install avatars for the local OS account;
  •  Install avatars for your Microsoft account.

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