How to remove ads from the "Start" in Windows 10?

The culture of using personal computers gradually began to grow and turned into something enormous, and with the release of Win 10, it became even more multifaceted and it is already known that its development is not unstoppable. However, no matter how good the new products introduced by the developer into their tenth version of the operating system are, no matter how often the average user has some need to reject the innovations in the system or make them much more inconspicuous. This is exactly the situation that those PC users got who started looking for at least some answer to the question: “How to remove ads from Start in Windows 10?

At the initial stage of analyzing the "problem", few people thought that it was necessary to use the "standard" methods of influencing the OS, since in the overwhelming majority, users tried to use everything that the Internet offered them and as a result, hundreds of thousands of computers turned out to be captured by hackers only for the reason that careless owners of devices decided to use what they found somewhere: programs, applications, scripts and other additions, according to their developers, blocking the entire pop-up river ama from Microsoft. From the moment when numerous PCs became real “zombies” subject to third parties, Microsoft thought about introducing a new option into their systems, which was actually implemented now, each user has the opportunity to turn off the display of the recommended advertising from MS.

How to remove ads from the "Start" in Windows 10?

Since this option is provided by developers, this means that you have to go to the very depths of the system, where it is possible to customize the Start menu, and therefore you need to go the following way: “Settings” → “Personalization” → “Start” → “Sometimes show suggestion (recommendations) in the Start »→« Off »menu.

If you still do not know how to quickly go to the “Personalization” section, then in this case, we suggest that you perform the following actions that will teach you to use this system option as quickly as possible in the future: right-click to any area of ​​the “Desktop” where there is not what → a small menu has opened in which there is a “Personalization” item, it is through it that you can get to the corresponding section → this way, you will be able to perform all the above described actions.

At the moment, the above instruction is the best option for the action, which allows to remove ads from the "Start" in Windows 10. In the course of a similar setup, you will make one of the workspaces of your system even more practical and completely non-exiting.

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