How to find out the Wi-Fi password in Windows 10?

Today, we will try to disassemble a topic that is hidden under the question: “How to find out the Wi-Fi password in Windows 10?” The peculiarity of this topic is that not every PC user can correctly exit from the situation when the password is lost, and the connection of a new device to the Internet networks does not suffer delays.

Of course, falling into the trap of your own carelessness, you probably want to solve this problem as quickly as possible and you are trying to accomplish the first thing that comes to mind:

  • "Reset" the password, but practice shows that this is not the fastest and, moreover, is not always the right decision.
  • "Reset" the settings of the router and it is even more time consuming and laborious process that takes you a lot of time.
  • Contact the support service of your Internet provider, only this request may not always be operational and, moreover, they will not always be able to help you remotely.

In order not to try to choose the way that is more optimal for you, we recommend using the opportunity of your operating system, as in Windows 10 there is a place to be progressive storage of passwords and as a result, some of them can be viewed. The only thing that you should bear in mind in this case is the fact that the method described below will be available only to users who have a computer connected to the Wi-Fi network, since it will be performed through it password search.

How to find out the Wi-Fi password in Windows 10?

In order to perform this action, you need to use the "Start" button on the keyboard or on the "Taskbar", then you go to "Settings", find "Network and Internet", from there you move to "Status" and in the final, go in the "Network and Sharing Center".

Now, you should be interested in the Wi-Fi network, which is located next to the “Connections” item, after completing the transition, you will be taken to the section titled “Wi-Fi Status”, where you will be able to select the “Wireless network properties” option, and already from here, it will be possible to go to the “Security” tab and further, put a “mark” wherever the item “Display the entered characters” takes place.

Thus, you need to find out the Wi-Fi password in Windows 10 by viewing the “Network Security Key” field, since it is in this area that the password you are interested in should be shown visually. It remains to remember or write down the password and you can use it to connect other devices to your existing Wi-Fi network.

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