Configuring themes in the browser from Microsoft

Most PC users don’t even think about: “How to include a black theme in the Edge?” This is because Microsoft’s browser is so easy to learn and practical in terms of settings that everyone Anyone who wants to customize this program for themselves, easily copes with this task. That's just with the release of the new update, something has changed and for some users, such changes did not benefit, because not all browser settings are properly designed and as a result, many who work as a coroutine simply cannot understand: “Where Have you recently gotten comfortable and practical Settings? ”Thus, the Microsoft Edge browser based on the Chromium core, at the moment, is very specific software that needs to be configured a little differently than everyone is used to.

Those settings, which will be discussed below, can be changed by developers at any time, so consider this fact and remember that at the time of writing this article, all the information in it is relevant, but how long this relevance will last, no one knows ...

To begin with, we will try to customize the themes in the Edge browser so that the visualization of the color palette independently adjusts to the color scheme of the Windows 10 operating environment. The practicality of this setting is that by activating it once, you can no longer adjust it. visualization, because the software will perform these settings on its own and most importantly, very successfully.

Since the Microsoft Edge browser is currently under development, the usual settings will not work and we will have to use the “Advanced Settings”, and for this you need to do the following: paste the copied command “edge: // flags” into the browser search field → “Experimental page” should open in front of you, where the item “Microsoft Edge theme” will be present in front of which you may click on a small button, which will open a small menu with variations of actions among which you should select "Enable".

Such a log of actions will allow you to notice that the browser has become “living on its own” in terms of changing the colors of themes.

Also, we are ready to offer you another option to configure the browser, as it has a slightly different action log, which was designed specifically for "Developers", and therefore, the "Developer Tool" will be used to the full. In order to start the customization, you should do the following: enter the command “edge: // flags / # edge-devtools-themes” in the browser’s search box, which will give you the opportunity to use the optional browser settings named “Developer Tools Microsoft Edge themes” → Now, you have the opportunity to make the transition from the “Settings” setting → to the “Preferences Appearance” setting → and there, and the fact that you are primarily interested in the “Theme” setting is not far away.

Due to such actions on your part, you can instantly not just include a black theme in the Edge, and you will be able to drastically change the workspace of the browser and make it several times better than it was before.

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