How to change picture quality in Paint 3D?

Image quality adjustment in Paint 3D is a very interesting option, which was introduced into the software by its developers, so that any user, no matter what computer he has, has the opportunity to work with high quality redesigned graphic editor. Of course, if you have a powerful and fairly modern PC, then this setting will not be important for you in terms of use, but if you have “obsolete hardware” or something more “older”, then in this case, you will have this software option to taste. The uniqueness of the additional settings lies in the fact that it has the ability to offer the user to independently adjust the visual display of the processed image. Also, the software itself can adjust the displayed content for the working capabilities of the PC, which in some cases is incredibly convenient.

How is image quality adjustment performed in Paint 3D?

If you are faced with a situation where your application began to degrade the visual quality of the processed images on its own, but with all this, your PC has all the necessary capacity to refuse this option, you need to take the initiative to set up the software and instantly perform the following Actions: in a couple of clicks you open the program “Paint 3D” → find in it a small icon in the form of a folder (it is located in the upper left corner of the settings panel) → click on this icon with the left mouse button → after in the “Parameters” section, find the item “Adjust image quality” (located in the central part of the window, in its lower area) → move the switch to one of three positions:

  • "Normal";
  • "High";
  • "Super High".

It is important to understand that Image Quality Adjustment in Paint 3D is performed using the three above-mentioned switch positions, but if your PC cannot “draw out” the display quality of the workspace by 100%, and you need these actions from the program - it will not be much better than if you personally or the program itself automatically reduced the image display parameters. In any case, it is necessary to try to observe a certain “balance”, which will allow not only to work comfortably with Paint 3D, but also to get a quality final result from the software, and not some strange “daub” from pixels.

We hope that this setting will allow you to even more globally penetrate the working capabilities of the updated Paint 3D and reach a new level when using it.

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