KB4512941 processor issues

The update KB4512941 causes problems with the processor, since the developers of this cumulative update made some kind of error, which, in the end, was reflected in the incorrect operation of thousands of devices. But despite the apparent magnitude of the problem, there is an opportunity to deal with it, but unfortunately, those of you who use the Windows 10 Pro operating system or something more powerful (corporate) will have the easiest and most effective way to do this. all other users who work with Windows 10 Home and weaker editions of the OS will turn out to be practically defenseless in this situation, as their users will only have to wait until the moment when Microsoft decides to fix the crash.

In order to get rid of the cumulative update KB4512941, you will need to use the system settings in the person of the “Settings” section → next, use the “Windows Update” subsection → be sure to go to the “View update log” section → delete the problem update - KB4512941 → reboot the system.

The correctness of your actions will instantly express itself in the normal operation of the system, since the Central Processor will no longer be loaded by the Cortana application, where the “SearchUI.exe” process constantly consumed the device’s resources and, therefore, made it not quite comfortable in terms of work.

For those of you who have KB4512941 update causing problems with the processor, but you are not able to remove it, we recommend that you do not use third-party software to fix the failure, since in the near future one of the updates from Microsoft will be released that will certainly solve everything .

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