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Today, we will tell: What is the Contact online in Skype function and how to activate it in an updated version of the software? Since the vast majority of readers of the article will probably not know about this software opportunity due to various circumstances, therefore, you need to be enlightened and given detailed instructions on how to use the software.

If you are not aware of what the Contact function is online, then we explain... The peculiarity of this software add-on is that previously, in Skype, it was possible to independently display small information windows in the lower right corner of the monitor screen and inform the user about his appearance: friends, relatives or work colleagues "in the network." But at some point, this seemingly useful option turned out to be software developers that were removed and as it turned out, without it, it’s not so convenient to use a program positioned as “software for communication”, since you need to personally check the entire contact list from times in times, in order to reveal in him the desired interlocutor online. This is what served Skype developers as a signal that it is time to change something and produce a “return” of the much-needed add-on, which we are going to do at the moment.

This hour, the function “Contact online” is not available to all users, as it is delivered only to those who are related to the unique Skype Insider program and have already downloaded the update version, which is the following code: “”.

If you do not want to become a member of any programs, then in this case, the article you should still study, as it is possible that the new feature will be added soon and its main functional option will be disabled. Thus, it is necessary to know how to deal with the future "problem" in the face of turning on or off a specific software option.

How to activate the option "Contact online" in Skype?

If you were able to observe a couple of the above points related to updating the software to the latest version, then everything else is done as quickly as possible, since you need to use only the “Program Setting Panel” (look for it in the upper part of the software, you can use the left mouse button on “... ") → a small context menu appears in which you need to go to“ Settings ”→ then follow the logic of things in“ Notifications ”→ find the required item for setting -“ Notification about the appearance of a contact in the network ”→ ​​by moving switch from the "off" position, move it to the "on" position.

The practicality of the configured Contact online in Skype function is that it becomes active instantly and as a result, you can see the fruits of your actions immediately after the operation. Thus, if someone “goes to the network”, then you will be notified of this right there.

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