Calendar does not work in Windows 10

When Calendar does not work in Windows 10, it seems that a rather small but very necessary part of the operating system is missing, especially if this application is used by you in your daily life to maintain the schedule: study, work and mn Accordingly, it is worth trying to solve the problem as soon as possible, because if one day the Calendar will not open on your computer, the problem will continue to exist for a second day, and then a third... As a result, it turns out that even the downloaded updates for the OS , nothing helps and you find yourself in a situation in which there are only problems and nothing more. Accordingly, in order to get out of the software "trap", we suggest you perform several actions that allow you to resume the functionality of the system application.

Method number 1

A very simple way... “Task Manager” is used, which can be opened by simultaneously pressing the “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” keys → make sure that in the “Task Manager” window, you are on the “Processes” tab → execute search for a process called “Explorer” → select the “Explorer” process by clicking on it with the left mouse button → using the “Restart” button, perform the same action.

Method number 2

A more complicated way than the above ... Using the key combination "Win + R", run the "Run" window → in the empty area of ​​the "Run" window, you need to enter the "intl.cpl" command → through the "Region" window, go to "Additional Options »→ after entering the“ Format Settings ”window, switch to the“ Date ”tab → use the“ Reset ”button to perform actions of the same name → use the“ Apply ”and“ OK ”buttons to complete your actions.

Method number 3

The method is not more complicated than the previous one, but only with its own specificity in terms of actions... You will have to use the Registry Editor here (you can open it by using the Search application and entering the Registry Editor request into the search line or in some other way you are comfortable) → go all the way: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Time Zones” to the last subsection and starts searching for “Armenian Standard Time” → found the subsection “Armenian Standard Time” is deleted by clicking on it right click.

If you try to perform all the methods described above alternately, then the problem with which Calendar does not work in Windows 10 will most likely disappear, which will allow you, as before, to use the Calendar application without fail.

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