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Many active users of applications developed by Microsoft have long been confronted with the fact that high-quality and progressive software is constantly evolving and recently, its development is directed mostly at user interaction with the application, which in turn interacts tightly with cloud storage. It was against the background of this kind of change that you and I had the opportunity to use online Sticky Notes for Windows 10. The uniqueness of this innovation lies in the fact that each user "tens", which uses the above application, will be able to instantly access the three main services:

  • Search created notes;
  • Formatting of the created texts;
  • Perform personalization for individual sheets.

Of course, it may seem that this set of features of the online application Sticky Notes will not be very much to complete the work, but in this case, it is necessary to take into account the fact that you can use all the above options in any place where there will be an Internet connection. Thus, by making a correction to an online note from a third-party computer in the workplace, when you come home, you can see the updated variation of the recording all in the same application, which is very practical in terms of saving time and synchronizing information "stickers".

What do you need to use Online Sticky Notes for Windows 10?

In general, specialized software is not needed at all, since the developers at Microsoft made sure that the user had the opportunity to log into the cloud storage with data using:

  • Internet connection;
  • Modern browser;
  • An account that allows you to log in to the MS system.

Accordingly, to access the note-taking application online, you need to authorize the launch of any modern browser that is installed on your computer or in another gadget, after which you will have to follow a single link to the official page: “ ". Further, it is necessary to use one of the possibilities offered by the system to log in, and that’s all, you can fully use the excellent software.

So simple, the well-known “OneNote” application, was able to evolve and appear before users in the face of online Sticky Notes for Windows 10, but only in a more simplified form and with a minimal set of essential tools.

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