By default, "This Computer" in Windows 10

If you are used to the fact that all operating systems with which you previously had to work are different from the “dozens”, then this is quite normal, because in the new OS, even the default “This computer” opens differently, so as familiar to many users, the section has been replaced by “Quick Access”. All this, gradually, began to acquire a certain cumulative effect, which led to the fact that users began to complain to the developers and that, had to concede and make adjustments to the "top ten". Thus, already this hour, each of you has the opportunity to use the default “This computer” in Windows 10, but provided that some system settings are changed that change the behavior of the partitions that open.

Having decided to set up the “System File Manager”, this process should not be complicated for you, since here, everything is elementary, but in any case, you should be careful not to make a mistake.

First of all, you need to go to the system section "Explorer Settings" in any way that is convenient for you, and for this, as it seems to us, there are two most persistent options:

  • This is a “Search”, which is always and everywhere on your “Taskbar”;
  • This is straight from the “File Manager” window, but subject to the use of the following path: you need to open “View” → then open “Settings” → go to “General”.

The choice of the option from the above does not matter, the main thing is that the end result is exactly the one that is in the screenshots below.

The “Explorer Settings” window will allow you to use the “Open Explorer for” setting opposite which there is a drop-down menu with action items among which you need to select “This computer” through the “General” tab.

Thus, the default "This computer" in Windows 10 will always open when you need it, and the intrusive "Quick Access" section will no longer bother you with its presence in the system.

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