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Share in Windows 10 is a fairly newfangled feature that allows you to declare with absolute certainty that it is possible to use the system not only for work, but also for sharing files. But even here, the user still does not have complete freedom, as Microsoft tried to push it into a framework that does not allow him to use the option already in the system because it is simply hidden from prying eyes. Thus, the Share function, or, as it is also called “Share,” must be activated by you personally by means of the Registry Editor. If you can do this, you will see additional system capabilities that will certainly impress you.

How to activate the Share feature in Windows 10?

The most important point in all the configuration of the OS is that you must make a backup of the system, as it can be useful at any time!

If a backup copy of the system is created, you can do the following: simultaneously press “Win ​​+ R” → enter the command “regedit” to activate the workspace of the Registry Editor application → Press “Enter” → use the following address: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER \\ Control Panel” (in the left part of the open Registry Editor window → go to the last subsection of the Registry Editor, allow you to create a “DWORD 32 bits” (in the right part of an open window) → the created parameter must be called “EnableShareSettings” → the same parameter created , must be set to "1" (set a value of "0", disables this option) → all, you can, of course, close the "Registry Editor".

The first check in the correctness of their actions, for you, should be the emergence of a new page, which will be located in the "System Parameters". If the Share page appears, it means that you have made the previous part of the Registry Editor settings correctly.

The exchange options for the Share in Windows 10 application can be further configured if you do the following: go to the system Settings section → go to System → click on Share → select those applications that can share content and ignore those that will not be able to do this → determine the number of objects displayed on the page → make sure that the most frequently used applications are always at the top of the list of applications.

At the moment, there are a couple of options that allow you to call the Share application:

  • This use of simultaneous pressing "Win+H", which authorizes the appearance of a specialized sidebar;
  • This is the use of the applications themselves, in the face: Windows Store, Edge Browser or Explorer, which will acquire a new - workable “Share” button.

We hope that in such a cool way, to share content, it will be much easier for you, moreover, the system is set up extremely quickly and most importantly, it does not take much time for various manipulations with it.

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