Finding Notes in Windows 10 Calendar

Today, many PC users resort to using such an application as “Calendar” while working with Windows 10, and all because it gives them a certain opportunity, which allows not to forget about important events in life. Thus, launching the Calendar each time and doing a small number of mouse clicks, you get the opportunity to create a note, and she, in turn, promptly reminds you of something important: a meeting, a birthday, a trip, a return of debt and so on.

In order to create a note, everyone uses the available Calendar application, in which the desired date is located → it remains to enter in the appropriate fields of a specific date: the name of the event, a description and the exact time. Everything, now, you will learn in advance that an event is coming, which under no circumstances should not be missed.

But it happens in life that you relatively recently completed the procedure for creating a specific note, and after a short period of time it was reported that an important meeting was disrupted, which means that you need to search and edit a previously created note. In this case, you can try to act in different ways, but we advise you to use the “Search” in the Calendar.

How to use Search Notes in Windows Calendar 10?

For this procedure, there is a special option in the Calendar, which becomes available with just one click: start Calendar → in the upper part of the open application window, there is an empty search field, click on it and click on it and write from one to several words that have directly related to the desired note → the search application will offer you a choice of one, up to several options found, and you must select the one you need at the moment → the selected note, you can either edit or delete pour, it all depends on what you decide.

Thus, you can always make Search for notes in Windows 10 Calendar, then edit or delete them. This is quite fast and most importantly, a very affordable way to correct notes, since time takes a minimum, and the effect in the end result is maximum.

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