How to set up saving passwords in Edge?

Many users of PCs and other devices that do not simply interact with Win 10 “from time to time”, but use it almost everyday, surely, they have often come across the fact that in order to get to the pages of your favorite site, you need to enter “ login and password". Of course, if you have only a couple of “favorite sites”, then you can remember everything without any problems, but if there are more than 5 or 10 resources you constantly visit, then in that case, if there are different “logins” and “passwords” on each resource, it is necessary to record everything, so that no where, not to be mistaken. Here, only the recording of such data on paper or electronically is not a very modern way and moreover, it is not secure, which is why, today, we will tell you about: “What does modern password management from sites in Microsoft Edge?"

Let's start with the fact that for a long time, Microsoft has tested a new feature in its unique browser, sent numerous variations of settings to “insiders” and now, she is ready to share everything she has managed to work with everyone who needs it.

In general, at the moment, the browser has become “very smart” and as a result, when it hits the pages of the new site, the user immediately sees a software notification that asks him if he wants the Edge browser to save all the credentials, which will be entered on the pages of this Internet resource.

Thus, the user is initially asked to accept or refuse to automatically save data.

Generally, the Edge browser very often has activated default settings, which automatically save all passwords entered on various sites, but if necessary, the user himself can adjust these settings using the following action log: go to the Settings section ( It is possible to use the simultaneous pressing of the “Alt + X” buttons), select the “Password and Autocomplete” item, after which, activate the options that you think you need most.

Thus, if you select the “Off” option, where it says “Save password”, the browser will not automatically save passwords under any circumstances. This is very important if you use a device that is in the workplace or if it is accessed by third parties.

If you need to delete already saved passwords, then in this case, we recommend that you follow the following log of actions: go to the “Parameters” section, go to “Privacy and Security”, click on “Clear browser data” and put a check mark there, where it says “Password”, after which, perform “Cleaning”.

As it seems, this kind of password management from sites in the Microsoft Edge is very practical, because it can be used as you like, whenever you want. Thus, even a newcomer among the top ten will be able to customize their software for certain tasks.

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