Windows 11 Home 5pc

The Windows 11 Home license is able to give any user a certain freedom, which is hidden in being able to express themselves in any manifestations. This is very convenient when the device is used not only for work, but also for entertainment.

Windows 10 Home + Kaspersky

If you have a home computer and want to have not only a full-fledged operating system, but also modern security software, then in this case, it's best to buy Windows 10 with Kaspersky, as for today it is the optimal software in all senses of the word .

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB RTM

Each of you who decide to use the Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB key will immediately be able to notice that this version of the operating system is completely different from what you could see earlier, because this is a faster software that has a lot of its undeniable advantages compared to " classmates. "

Windows 10 S

If you are trying to find an operating system for your studies, then we offer to purchase a Windows 10 S key that can easily satisfy a lot of your needs and make the learning process several times easier and more convenient.

Windows 10 Education

Before you is the Windows 10 Education license, which is in some way an updated round of software development for those PC users who need a high-quality operating system of the tenth generation, but at the same time having nothing superfluous.

Windows 10 Enterprise 2PC

If you have the opportunity to buy a Windows 10 Enterprise license for 2 PCs, you should not postpone this action for later, because with this operating system you will like to work much more than with any other, as this is a more unique software in comparison with its own "Classmates".

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