How to sync Google Calendar for Windows 10?

The user community has long been accustomed to asking various questions, some of which, at first glance, look completely delusional, but if we look at them in more detail, it becomes clear that there is some meaning in them. That is why, when talking to people, someone talks about what is being asked: "How to sync Google Calendar for Windows 10?" Most people don’t understand it, but it takes a few minutes and misunderstood the user, they begin to listen with a certain admiration, because he opens up a completely new perspective to his opponents on communication concerning the use of the Calendar on the computer. That is why, today we open this topic and give an opportunity to all who need it, to familiarize themselves with the information for its further use.

What is Google Calendar in Windows 10 for?

In fact, the practicality of this application is due to the fact that with its help, the user has the opportunity to use new gadgets and computers every day, but at the same time, always have access to the calendar, which in turn has the ability to be a full-fledged notebook, With a bunch of information about which, the application used can easily remind its owner. Thus, third-party software from Google, can really become much better and more practical, in terms of versatile use in everyday life, than what Windows 10 can offer.

How to start using Google Calendar in Windows 10?

For this, you will need a "account" from the Google service (in this case, it is a question, both of the already existing "account" and the one just registered). If you already have a Google account, you don’t need to go here and register, and if you’re not registered yet, you don’t do without this process. Now that you have a Google account, you can run the “standard” Calendar application on your computer - in the tens environment → use the “Settings” button → find the section that is responsible for “Accounts” and open it in order to use the function "Add account" → from the list of services that will be offered to you, select "Google" → you will only have to confirm your intentions by entering the information of the Google "account" into the corresponding fields of the newly opened window.

How to set up Google Calendar in Windows 10?

In fact, here you have to perform the minimum number of actions, since the settings themselves do not have large volumes, and they assume that the user will use the minimum that the software can offer him. In this case, you will be able to: use "Options" → further "Calendar options" → and right here, you can:

  • Set a color palette to your calendar;
  • It is possible to change the "counter" of the week;
  • Set the beginning of the week, which will not necessarily start on Monday;
  • Choose a time interval that is directly related to your working day and so on.

How to sync Google Calendar for Windows 10?

If you already have an “account”, the computer is running, and the Calendar application is open in it, then you can start synchronizing one application with another: you must go to the “Settings” menu → go to “Accounts” → select the Google account »→ now, click on“ Change mailbox synchronization settings ”→ in the newly opened window, you will have additional settings available that will affect: email, calendar synchronization, contact synchronization, and so on.

Thus, connecting a Google account to your application, you automatically agree that applications are synchronized and on the one hand it is very convenient, but on the other hand, it may not be at all convenient. But in any case, before drawing conclusions, you need to try everything yourself and based on your experience, make working conclusions.

We draw your attention to the fact that if mail synchronization in Windows 10 does not suit you, then in this case, you can opt out: go to "Sync Options" → find the value "Email" → move the switch to the "Off" position.

In the way described above, synchronizing Google Calendar for Windows 10 is very simple and most importantly in the whole procedure, it will not require you to take additional actions other than those directly related to your system and additionally installed Google Calendar .

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