Buy official Windows with Office

Windows 7 Professional (x64/x32) + Office 2013

Windows 7 with Office 2013 is an excellent software set that can allow any PC user to feel like a slave in the water ”due to the fullness and versatility of the software used and its versatile features.

Windows 7 Professional (x64/x32) + Office 2016

Windows 7 with Office 2016 is an excellent software set that can allow any PC user to feel like a slave in the water ”due to the fullness and versatility of the software used and its versatile features.

Windows 7 Ultimate + Office 2016 Pro

Buy Windows 7 Ultimate + Office 2016 Pro

Windows 8.1 Professional (x64/x32) + Office 2016 ProPlus

Buy Windows 8.1 Professional и Office 2016 ProPlus

Windows 10 Professional полная + Office 2016 Pro

We bring to your attention Windows 10 Pro with Office 2016 Pro, which today can allow any PC user to get at their disposal an almost perfect variation of the software, as they have the ability to function in any direction, regardless of the scope of the user's activity.

Windows 10 Home + Kaspersky

If you have a home computer and want to have not only a full-fledged operating system, but also modern security software, then in this case, it's best to buy Windows 10 with Kaspersky, as for today it is the optimal software in all senses of the word .

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For several years in a row, Microsoft has been conducting some " experiments "in the market and thus tracks user demand in terms of purchasing software not for one single unit of goods, but in the form of certain"packages". Thus, users are given the opportunity to buy a Windows license with Office with a number of advantages that are many times superior to everything that the retail software market can offer.

Nice price

If we compare the purchase of software from MS in a certain set of "packages", it is certainly worth noting that the price of these purchases for any user will be much lower than when making a similar purchase, but subject to the purchase of several separate programs.

It turns out that by making one purchase and buying several programs, you can perfectly save money, which at all times is a huge advantage. More, you will not have to overpay for programs or use outdated software, since all modern software is more than available.

Security of making a purchase

Buying Microsoft software from us, you find yourself in a situation in which you directly cooperate with an official retail dealer, which means that you get the opportunity to download all distributions from official sources. In such distributions, all the components that were originally embedded in them by the developers will be present. In addition, this software is very easy to activate by means of the official server and the license activation code purchased from our website.

Secure Software

Since Windows Office packages, which are distributed on our website, are fully licensed, then you do not have any danger of infecting your device. Your head will no longer be occupied with thoughts that at some point the software used may start working "against you" and start stealing information or payment details. Here, for sure, this will not happen, and even more so, in most Microsoft products, there are built-in protection systems and antivirus software. Thus, using such programs becomes much safer.

Versatility of the presented programs

It is necessary to understand that each program that is presented in this section has its own specific appearance and that is why each user can choose something specific for their work or choose something as "universal" as possible for use in various fields of activity. Remember that your choice depends on the direction in which you will be able to use a particular software and as a result, the choice itself must be made very carefully.

Innovative software functionality

This aspect of the purchased programs is very important, as just purchase Windows Office into the first edition and with a strange year – this is the last century, because this hour is valued the most versatile approach to the selection of the programs used, as they must be filled with not only functional, but also practical in all aspects. It is for this reason that this section of the site contains only those software editions that over the past few years have been able to establish themselves as: popular, stable, practical, safe and functional. That's why, here, you can find software that can not just simplify life, but is ready to make it much better, as it contains: modern tools, constantly updated infrastructure, user-friendly interface and multi-faceted functionality. All this, in its entirety, allows you to work at: a computer, laptop, tablet, etc., without any problems at all for several years.

Remember that these programs are ahead of time and, as a result, become obsolete much more slowly than their free counterparts, which are infinitely many in the public domain.