Windows 7 Professional (x64/x32) + Office 2016

Windows 7 Professional (x64/x32) + Office 2016
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Stop trying to choose for yourself the operating system and office suite of applications that could fully interact with each other and allow you to work without brakes for a long time! Now, we will take up this selection and offer you a unique set of software, where everything will be as low as possible and extremely high-quality, because before you is a unique software “package” Windows 7 with Office 2016.

Of course, these are not the most advanced programs, but you must admit that it does not always make sense to take new ones if:

  • Your work requires maximum stability and a maximum quality of project execution;
  • The computer or laptop you use is an “old man” who is already 3-5 years old or more;
  • You have no desire to make an overpayment for innovative software, since you do not need it and there is the possibility of alternative replacement with its existing one.

Thus, the conclusion that this software may not be so outdated, even today, is not at ease, if we consider it in the totality of the working capabilities that are present in it, and there are certainly not a few of them here, and every user will find something unique for yourself.

Key Benefits of Windows 7 Professional (x64 / x32)

Considering this version of the "seven" for the acquisition, you should first of all understand that it will not be the usual — the “ordinary” system that will be acquired, but the program’s editors aimed at the “professional consumer” - for those of you who really understand why This OS is required. Only being fully aware of all the functionality of this system, you will be completely satisfied with the fact that it really has a presence, and there really is not enough here... Among the main working options and functional innovations Windows 7 and Office 2016 worth highlighting:

  • The unique mode of operation of Windows 7 under Windows XP. Thus, you can always launch software that was developed for XP, but only as amended by the G7. This completely simplifies the actions with the software, if for some reason you have to work with the software that is no longer being developed or updated in modern realities.
  • Here, there is a unique opportunity to use data recovery, as the system has the ability to use automatic backup, which completely protects the home or work network. This is especially true for those users who use this software outside the home.
  • Interaction with corporate networks has become several times more secure, as the connection and storage of data takes place under the control of updated Windows 7 security systems.
  • I would like to highlight the overall level of the G7 security system, as it constantly surprises users due to the fact that MS has tried to implement the maximum number of security levels in its offspring, which help protect the OS from various kinds of encroachments on its interior.
  • Now you can use domain join, which greatly simplifies the connection of the managed network.
  • The unique technologies of visualization of the external space of the operating systems were introduced, which made the management of Windows 7 several times more practical and convenient than it was in its predecessors.
  • Receipt of updates also did not remain without additional innovations, since now, the Pro edition has the opportunity to get really “stable” and verified: patches, bug fixes, bug fixes and so on.

The main points that separate this software from its counterparts, quite well demonstrate that buy Windows 7 and Office 2016 in this edition is certainly worth it, because if earlier, you did not have the opportunity to work with something similar in OS plan, then this version of the operating room, you really like it.

Key benefits of Office 2016

If we consider the acquisition of Office 2013, then by all means it is worth noting the fact that this software today is still considered the best among its own kind, since it was he who became a real breakthrough among office software in 2013 and it’s a huge amount of manufacturers, when developing their programs in modern realities. For this reason, a program of this level remains in demand in the market and continues to interest consumers with its functionality in the form of a set of the following applications:

  • Word 2016 is a simple, but very extensive in terms of functionality, an application with various possibilities for working and achieving its goals. Text documents with this application: they are created very simply, filled as quickly as possible, and all those who work with similar software can always use them, which simplifies interaction in the working environment among company employees.
  • Excel 2016 is not difficult to learn, but a very necessary application for creating tables in which you can add a virtually unlimited amount of information, thereby making an infinite workspace. Tables can be grouped perfectly according to specified parameters and they can use comprehensive algorithms to calculate certain quantities, which is very convenient for performing large volumes of work.
  • PowerPoint 2016 is a unique and understandable application for creating presentations, since with its help it is possible to create true masterpieces that are suitable for both school presentations and business.
  • OneNote 2016 - a unique notepad and task scheduler in one application, which makes it even more convenient to use and allows you to always have access to it. It is very convenient that the software recognizes handwritten text, which allows you to work only with a stylus.
  • Outlook 2013 is more than a regular email client, as it has more extensive manipulation with: the client base of contacts, mailings and allows you to be confident in the security of the software.
  • Access 2016 is a simple and uniquely implemented application running under the management of database databases from Microsoft. With this add-on, creating your own database processing application is very millet and very convenient.
  • Publisher 2016 - the processing of any text documents is not limited to data entry, as for the maximum quality of the design requires a good markup of the document, which actually offers this application.
  • Lync 2016 is an unsurpassed instant messenger with its advantages for communication between friends and work colleagues, since using it to stay in touch at any time of the day or night is as simple as possible.

Surely, the above information that Windows 7 Pro and Office 2016 is one of the best software combinations for today is quite enough, since we tried to tell you as much as possible about the main features of the software, and with regard to minor additions, in this description, to consider them all is not possible, because a great many of them and to get acquainted with them is only with a specific interaction with the system. Thus, we recommend this OS to be purchased by anyone who needs high-quality software with all the positive aspects of its use, both in the home and work environment.

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Замечательный сервис! Оплатил -> получил -> скачал -> установил -> активировал! Спасибо огромное!

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Товаром и обратной связью с продавцом доволен. Оперативно среагировали на вопросы по установке и помогли решить проблемы с активацией на моем компьютере. Ребята терпеливые, хотя не легко им было с не продвинутым пользователем в моем лице. Спасибо.

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