Windows 10 with Kaspersky

Windows 10 with Kaspersky
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Many PC users for some reason difficult to make the right choice in terms of purchasing licensed software, because they believe that it is possible to do without it. It's only at the moment when numerous problems begin to fall on their system, which are almost always connected with the functioning of the Windows operating system or the lack of a normal antivirus, these same users who blame everyone around, but not themselves. To make such situations as small as possible, Microsoft decided to offer all users to purchase a unique product that looks like Windows 10 with Kaspersky. Thus, after making one purchase, you have the opportunity to close just two holes on your computer:

  • You have a full-fledged operating system, which is licensed and can receive all updates from official development servers in the face of MS.
  • You have the opportunity to protect the newly installed system to the maximum, since now, to control it, you will have Kaspersky Anti-Virus on your computer, which is also licensed and is updated only from official development servers.

The seemingly simple combination of such software has a fairly wide range of action, since it has the ability to give the average PC user for a modest fee exactly that set of functionalities that are easy to use, both in study and in work.

Which version of Windows 10 with Kaspersky I get?

In this case, you have the opportunity to purchase the edition of the operating system "Home", which in itself is not bad, even though some PC users consider it for some reason rather "weak". But it seems to us that this variant of the program is quite workable and has the ability to function universally, since to date, the main working capabilities of the program are rightfully considered to be:

  • The minimum amount of occupied disk space in comparison with other editions of operating systems.
  • The speed of Windows 10 Home is much higher than that of its "older" brethren, but all from the fact that this version of the system has fewer preinstalled programs and applications that load the system when it is autonomous.
  • The OS has fully automated settings for obtaining system updates and preinstalled applications. Thus, there is nothing to update you do not have, because the program itself will decide when it is worth something to download, and when, from this download is better to refuse.
  • The friendly structure of the system makes it possible to install any programs and applications in its environment, since in 99.9% they will work without any problems and failures.
  • A simple interface of the external form of the OS, just can not be left without attention, since it is considered one of the most accessible and understandable for all who decide to use it.

As you can see, the "dozen" in the "Home" editorial itself is really the optimal version of the software in the face of a system that is ideal for a huge number of users, because they need a simple and modern OS.

Why Windows 10 Home with Kaspersky?

In fact, considering the combination of software usage in the person of Windows 10 Home with Kaspersky, it is worth noting that, based on all the above-described capabilities of the system, it needed a powerful antivirus that could function fully under any conditions and this, would have its undeniable advantages among classmates, that's why the choice fell directly on this protective software. Will only the main advantages of Kaspersky Anti-Virus:

  • A simple interface of the protective software allows you to understand in a few seconds what settings and for what it is necessary to use, and from which, it is better to refuse.
  • Lightning-fast response of the program to any attempts of viruses to penetrate into the system. The uniqueness of Kaspersky Anti-Virus is that it reacts instantly to the invasion of the OS, regardless of where it originates: from a DVD-ROM, from a USB drive, from an external SDD-drive, via Internet connection, from an e-mail client etc.
  • The relevance of the anti-virus database allows the defender of your system to always remain relevant and not let you down under any circumstances.
  • The minimal loading of the system in comparison with a similar antivirus is very actual, provided the program is used on a weak computer.

As you can see, Windows 10 with Kaspersky is a multi-faceted solution for sharing software in order to make almost any computer more automated and maximally protected.

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Покупал Windows 10 Home + Office 16. Всё благополучно установилось и активировалось. Консультанты оперативно отвечали на возникающие вопросы при установке и активации Windows 10.

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