How to save a Windows 10 theme?

How to save a Windows 10 theme? More often than not, device users who want to set up their PC once and if necessary, don’t do this operation again and again, but just do a couple of clicks again see the familiar OS environment. Of course, here you can choose a huge number of options for action, among which there are both “standard” and “third-party” options, but it seems to us that the optimal option in this situation is the obvious choice of the option that the operating system can offer, so as it has several advantages:

  • Security;
  • Easy to use;
  • No installation of additional software required;
  • Save: desktop background, sounds, color scheme of screensavers and windows;
  • It is possible to move the saved copy of the theme to other PCs.

The above items are fully sufficient for each of you to independently draw conclusions and understand that the “standard” capabilities of the system will be in excess and should be used first of all.

How to save a Windows 10 theme?

The process is so simple that it does not cause problems, the main thing is to do everything in stages, in the same way as described in the instructions below.

To begin with, you need to save the existing theme, but for this, you will have to do the following: go to “Settings” → next open “Personalization” → find “Themes” → select the theme used → click on “Save theme” → set the name of the saved theme → again use the button to save - “Save”.

At this stage, you can notice that the topic you saved appears in the list that is used for “quick application”, therefore, you need to do the following: right-click on the topic that appears → the function button “Save theme for sharing” appears which you need to use → select the path where you want to save the topic → give the saved topic a new name if necessary → use the “Save” button again.

It is noteworthy in this whole situation that the theme backup will be saved in the “deskthemepack” format, which is somewhat similar to the third-party ZIP archiver, but only here, there will be a changed extension.

More "advanced" PC users who are able to save the Windows 10 theme will like the opportunity to use the "theme" configuration file in order to further customize the saved project, if necessary in the future.

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