After loading Windows 10 black screen

If, after loading Windows 10, a black screen appears by itself and you don’t understand at all what exactly could have caused it, then don’t try to take emergency actions to get out of the problematic situation, since a rash log of actions that can hurt even more.

Most likely, the main reason for the fact that you can not see the space of the "Desktop" in the form in which you used to do it, lies in the fact that relatively recently, your Windows 10 has downloaded an update of version 1809 or, version 1803, which became a stumbling block. In essence, the appearance of a black screen is a mistake on so much minimalistic that you shouldn’t even pay attention to it, since it has long been known what needs to be done in a similar situation and as practice shows, it’s enough just to reboot the device so that the OS turned out to be visible again. By the way, it is the “right” reboot of the device that will resolve the problem and it will no longer appear on your computer, except for the situation in which an incorrect update will be downloaded and installed again, which will fail.

How to fix black screen after loading Windows 10?

Since the point of fixing the problem lies in the fact that you need to restart the OS, the best option is to use the Task Manager, but only with the simultaneous pressing of the “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” buttons, since this action will not immediately hit In the application window, it will give an opportunity to move to the “Security window”, where you actually need to click on the not very noticeable “Power” icon, which is located at the bottom of the screen → no doubt, select the “Restart” option and wait the moment when your OS drops the shackles of software failure and starts working again in normal mode, and this will happen, as you probably could guess, in just a matter of seconds.

Thus, after loading Windows 10 black screen will completely disappear from your system and you, as before, will be able to use it with all the ensuing consequences.

The above method is considered to be quite “universal” and can be used on any devices, so feel free to experiment and be always ready to do what you have never done before.

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