Problem installing Windows 10 updates

If you have a real problem of installing Windows 10 updates and you cannot cope with it, you need to think about its cardinal solution, as there are numerous “regular” tricks that look like rebooting the OS or something like that, in this situation they will not help you.

Of course, the best thing would be to take advantage of full-fledged updates to the operating system, which Microsoft actually recommends, but just for a strange coincidence, at the moment there are no such OS updates that could fix the above problem on all devices at once. Therefore, you will need to refuse to download updates from the official server, since you cannot perform this action, or you will have to use at least the “dubious” methods for configuring updates, or you may have to reinstall the operating system altogether, which is not always , but still with an enviable frequency leads to the loss of user data. It is clear that all this is not entirely advisable if the PC is needed "here and now", which means that it is worth using one proven method that helps the maximum number of devices that cannot be updated in a timely manner. In this case, your actions will consist of several steps:

Using "Search", enter the query "cmd" → select the most suitable option for launching the "Command Line", but only "on behalf of the administrator" → you are in the "Command Line" window, which means that you can use the following command: "dism / online / cleanup-image / startcomponentcleanup »→ wait until the device finishes performing all the necessary procedures associated with the command you previously entered → you can reboot the device.

More often than not, the problem of installing Windows 10 updates after the described actions disappears by itself and as a result, it arises more.

Thus, if you have a desire to update the OS “in normal mode” and bypassing most of the problems associated with updates, this option can be considered the highest priority for you.

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