Airplane mode in Windows 10

On-Airplane mode in Windows 10 appeared a long time ago, since it was initially tested and present in earlier versions of the OS, and after that, it was moved to the “dozens” Wednesday. Thus, a seemingly useless “mode” has become present in their modern life. Of course, this might seem strange, but gradually, users of PCs and other gadgets began using this option and after a short period of time they realized that it was much better than something they had used before ... And earlier, many had to perform full turning off the device without being able to work during: flights, trips, voyages, visits to medical institutions and so on. So, an unobtrusive “regime”, gradually began to conquer its niche, and already this hour, few of those who had the opportunity to work with it, are ready to give up this software miracle of technology.

Turn on the mode "In the plane" in Windows 10

In fact, switching on this “mode” is not so difficult as it might seem, but in any case, depending on the device used, each user must know which “path” is more optimal for him. The choice, we are ready to offer everyone who is really interested in this, several options for action:

  • If you are using a laptop, then the mode “In the airplane” in it is activated as follows: it is necessary to use the buttons “fn + button with an airplane pattern” and “Airplane mode”, it will be activated. Please note that the button with the design of the aircraft in some modern laptops can work without the additional use of the “fn” button. Also, you should know that the “fn” button is one button, not two, as many users think through ignorance.

  • If you are using a computer, the “On the Airplane” mode, it turns on as follows: go to the “Start” menu → “Settings” → “Network and Internet” → “Airplane Mode” → “Disable Wireless Communication” → “ On off". Accordingly, in the last step, move the switch to the “Off” position and there is nothing more to do.

  • In some cases, in order to use the mode "In the plane", you can refer to: "Taskbar" → click on the icon that hides additional options → select "Mode In the plane".

So, the airplane mode in Windows 10 can be activated by you in a matter of seconds, and depending on what type of device you’ll use, you can choose the most suitable variant for actions, allows you to leave the device operational, but at the same time, partially disable its functionality.

Turn off the mode "In the plane" in Windows 10

Turning off the “In Airplane” mode does not take much longer than turning it off, but all that is enough for you to perform all the same actions that you had the opportunity to do when you turn it on.

Note that switching on and off of the “mode” is possible in different ways and this is not like the general state or performance of the operating system will not be affected.

In rare cases, when using the “mode”, after exiting it, the system still will not use wireless networks, in which case, you will have to restart the device in order, so that the “mode” that was previously turned on will be reset.

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