Family group in Windows 10

If you want your child to be under your relentless control even in those moments when you are not around, and he uses: a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, then in this case, we suggest to learn about: “What is Family group in Windows 10? "This knowledge will help all parents to make life easier for several times, because you will always be able to directly access the child’s device and, additionally, you will have several unique options to teach your child to the "discipline". But let's not get ahead of ourselves, but let's sort everything out in order...

Family group in Windows 10

In fact, it is very easy to create a “Family Group” in the “top ten”, the main thing is to clearly understand: “What exactly are you doing this for and how will it function?”

  • Answering the first question, I would like to note that when creating such a group, it is possible for parents to unite and jointly monitor their child, thus, he will always be under control.
  • The answer to the second question is hidden in your personal life... Since here, each parent must decide for himself how much of his time he will spend on controlling the child. But in any case, it will be much easier to do this by means of the Internet than to perform similar actions remotely, only with the help of calls to a mobile phone or SMS.

In order for you to have your own “Family Group of Accounts”, you need to create it, and for this you need to log into the Microsoft account in the way that is most optimal for you and after that, use the “Create a family group” button. Now, you should take care to invite all family members to this group. It is important to remember that in a group, it is possible to give certain rights to specific users and in this way, you can make a child’s account permanently controlled by older family members.

As soon as all the members of your group accepted the invitations, then you will be able to manipulate the blocking of various Internet resources and all kinds of applications. In addition, it will be possible to set limits on the use of devices and receive reports about this from the system.

Adding new members to the group or deleting old ones is no longer a problem, as you can do this action with a few mouse clicks.

It is very convenient in this case that the Family Group in Windows 10 allows you to control immediately: Windows 10, Xbox One, smartphones and tablets on Android with Microsoft Launcher. This further expands the possibilities of parental care!

Additional options that you will also like when using this function will certainly be:

  • The ability to continuously monitor the child's location by means of his device;
  • Full control of the Microsoft Store application, which will be controlled by the option "Ask Parent";
  • Execution of events that you will add to the calendar and your child will certainly have to perform them.

As it seems to us, this kind of control of a young child is a great option for parents to keep him in “fists” and always be aware of what he is doing, using his device, because this time on the Internet so much unpleasant that leave untouched mind with this insane kaleidoscope, just simply can not!

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