Activate Power Saving in Edge

In order to increase the duration of the laptop without connecting it to the electric network, users constantly take various kinds of actions so that the autonomous functioning of the device only pleases them with long-term operation, and not disappoints. That's why Microsoft does not stand aside during the consideration of such issues and is trying to add certain innovations to its software with an enviable frequency. Thus, now, any of you can find out: “What is activation of energy saving in Edge and how can this software add-on be used?"

What does Energy Saving Activation look like in Edge?

By modern standards, the option in the browser has not yet been finalized and it will have to be launched by using the "hidden" browser functionality, which at the moment can even be opened with a "kettle for PC".

The very activation of energy saving occurs by disabling disk caching at a time when the device is not fully used by the user 100%, and only video is played. It is due to the passive use of the device during the rest, you can increase its battery life by an order of magnitude.

How does the activation of energy saving in Edge proceed?

Since it will not be possible to activate the new energy-saving option using the public settings button, therefore, you will have to perform the following steps: at the moment the browser is opened in Windows 10, you need to enter the command → “Edge: // flags” → by means of entering the command, you can get into a new window with a number of options for customization, it is here that you will need to select the option “Disable streaming media caching to disk”, which is “Enabled” / “Disabled” according to your requirement → to reboot the browser and all, energy saving activation in Edge is already running.

Thus, in just a few clicks, you can easily and naturally change the autonomous operating time of your browser, which in some vital moments will give you much more opportunities than you had before.

We hope that the article was useful to everyone... Since today, there is still little that is known about this option, since the Edge browser itself continues to be further developed by its creators.

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