Windows 10 crashes

Despite the fact that until recently, Windows 10 system emergency restart was for some users something not quite convenient in terms of use, after a short amount of time, namely, with the release of the latest OS updates, This feature has become very, very popular among the user community. This demand is connected with the fact that often, a more recently functioning device starts to freeze or has some software failures that can only be corrected by performing a “Restart”, but unfortunately, nothing more practical than the physical use of the button responsible for this action on a specific device, it is impossible to apply. But it was a wound, because now, even a partially frozen device in modern realities can be rebooted “correctly”, but the main thing is to know how to perform the action log without any consequences.

How to crash reboot a Windows 10 system?

First of all, you should understand that this method is suitable only if the device, although with difficulty, still has the ability to respond to user requests, even if you have to wait for each command to complete from a few seconds to several minutes.

Press simultaneously the keys on the keyboard “Ctrl + Alt + Delet” → depending on the configuration of your device, soon you will see that you are on the “Security Screen”, where the “Power” button is present (pay attention to the lower right corner of the monitor screen ) → now, return to the keyboard again, since you need to press the “Ctrl” key and hold it, make an additional click on the “Power” item → the correctness of your actions, it will allow you to see the “Emergency Restart” window → select the action you need (to confirm re click on “OK”, and to cancel, click on the menu item of the same name - “Cancel”).

It is important to remember that Windows 10 system emergency restart is a safer way than using the “Reset” button, but its disadvantage is that any unsaved project will lose all the progress made. So, be prepared for the fact that you must always save your work so that it is not irretrievably lost.

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