Offline Defender Mode in Windows 10

Device protection is not only hidden in the use of powerful third-party antiviruses, as very often, in modern operating systems, it is possible to use built-in applications that have indisputable advantages compared to their third-party counterparts. That is why, today we decided to tell you about what the Defender offline mode in Windows 10 can be, since in the modern realities of using a PC or laptop, it can be a real salvation for any user from virus threats.

What are the advantages of offline scanning with Windows Defender?

If we compare this mode specifically, then it is worth noting that it allows you to simply scan the system, but not in the usual state for many users, when the OS is already running and the viruses are active, and the anti-virus software starts up with the start of the system itself, a moment when viruses... That allows Windows Defender to track any virus threats, even if they are expertly hidden in the depths of system files and workable processes.

Thus, it is possible to identify more complex variations of threats to your device and eliminate them without any consequences.

What you need to know when using offline scanning mode Defender Windows?

The scanning process is quite simple and does not require additional actions or knowledge from the user. The only thing you really should pay attention to is saving all the files that you have edited or processed. Saving open projects must be done without fail, as there is a large share of the likelihood that all progress may be lost during the automatic preparation of the system for scanning.

How to use offline scanning with Windows Defender?

You can use transitions from one system partition to another, or, you can use the Search application, the main thing is that eventually you manage to go through the following path from section to section: “Settings” → “Windows Security” → “Virus Protection and threats” → “Scanning Settings”.

Further, it remains to make a few more clicks and the scanning process will be launched: “Test offline Windows Defender” → “Run scan now” → the OS will reboot → the scan process will take 15-30 minutes → the OS will be finally rebooted.

Thus, the Offline Defender mode in Windows 10 will be activated and after a short period of time, you will be able to notice that it has completed all its work and if at least something is taking place in your OS, then it will certainly be removed from there.

This scanning method is perfect for timely search for malicious code not in everyday life / not permanently, but every few days, weeks or months.

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