Bluetooth in Windows 10 does not work after the update

Today, we will analyze the situation in which Bluetooth in Windows 10 does not work after updating the system, as recently, this topic has become even more relevant than it was before and the whole fault turned out to be small and Not quite necessary update KB4505903.

We understand that if you are reading this article, then most likely you already had to face the problem of broken Bluetooth in your system, but still, we dare to assume that you should know that if you still have this problem If it doesn’t arise, then you should refuse to download and update the system by using the functional button “Check for Updates”. Failure to install the update will allow you not to perform the entire procedure described below and will save you from unnecessary problems!

If, however, the situation is critical and you see the following signs of an inoperative Bluetooth device:

  • Full or partial non-working component of connecting devices via Bluetooth (most often these are sound devices);
  • Appearance of an exclamation mark with a bright yellow color on the "Taskbar" or in the "Device Manager";
  • Partial or full sound generation by an internal speaker.

Then it’s time for you to resort to specific actions, which, not like they will not be associated with an attempt to reboot the device or, perform its “rollback”, since in most cases, these methods are completely inoperative. Here, you need to approach more precisely and as a result, act with the help of an internal system tool with a long and very capacious name - "System File Checker for Repairing Corrupted Windows Files". Only this way of restoring the OS’s performance will allow you to return all working system moments to normal.

Bluetooth in Windows 10 does not work after updating, what should I do?

Do not be alarmed, but all the settings are made using the command line and here, there will be nothing complicated...!

For your part, you need to do the following: press “Win ​​+ R” at the same time → a window appears in the “Open” field, write only three letters “cmd” → press and hold “Ctrl + Shift” and at that moment, press the “Enter” button.

Despite the fact that the last step described above might seem difficult for you, but it is a significant part of success that depends on it, since it allows you to launch the “Command Line” not on behalf of the “ordinary user”, but on behalf of the “administrator”, which indicates a significant expansion of your user rights.

Having done everything correctly, you will notice that a new window has opened - “Command Line”, where everything will be done in black and gray tones. It is here that you need to enter the command “sfc / scannow” → click on the “Enter” button.

Everything! The process you started can be called “irreversible” and now, all that remains for you is to wait for its end after which, it is worthwhile to reboot the device in order to make sure that the system and, in particular, the Bluetooth device are working.

As practice shows, the Bluetooth functionality in Windows 10 is restored in most cases and the user no longer has to suffer from an intra-system error that comes from nowhere.

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