Windows Power Button Action 10

Almost all of you have seen a so-called "power button" on your computer or laptop, but not everyone knows: "What is it for?" It is because PC users are not particularly well versed even in the present that they are constantly in front of our eyes, we decided to tell you what the action of the Windows 10 power button, if you perform some manipulations with it.

Immediately I want to note that the method described below is rather simple and does not require additional knowledge from you, and even more so, you will not have to install any additional software. All settings will be made exclusively in the environment of your operating system and nothing more!

Customize the power buttons in Windows 10

For starters, we recommend that you use the search, which is located on the "Taskbar" in Windows 10. You just need to put the mouse cursor in the search field → click in the empty area → write in the search bar the phrase "Taskbar".

Once you are in the "Taskbar", then immediately start on the following path: open the "Settings" → find the "System" and click on it → go to "Power and Hibernate" → go to "Additional power settings ".

In order to make the necessary changes to the system, there are very few... Now, you need to find a section with the name "Power Supply" → click on "Actions of power buttons" → and that's it, you have to choose those actions for your power buttons that you need the most (here you can experiment and try to configure all at least 100 times!) → by the end, you must click on "Save Changes". And now, you can check what you got!

The practicality of this method of setting up the operating system is, at least, that any one will cope with it and, if necessary, based on it, it will even be possible to set up a failure for actions on your Win 10 OS with any manipulation of the computer or laptop. Thus, it will be possible to configure the laptop not to stop working even in those moments when it has a fully closed lid. In general, there are not so many options for setting up, but in any case, you need to experiment with all of them to get your iron to work exactly what you really want to see in action.

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