HP drivers are not installed in Windows 10

Over the past few days, we have received a huge number of PC and laptop users who are faced with the fact that HP drivers are not installed in Windows 10. At first, it all seemed no more than a coincidence, but when the number of requests exceeded several hundred, it became clear that the problem was real and, if earlier, it was not so clearly expressed, now everything has changed drastically. this "trouble", you need to do something. Gradually, we began to study the issue and it turned out that in this situation we are talking about some kind of hangup and the inability to install or update the driver, which puts the user in a stupor, as the system itself suggests that they click the “Retry” button more than once, the user performs this action , but in the end, not what does not change. If in a similar situation, there was an opportunity to somehow influence the OS by: updating, rebooting, deleting or installing additional software, then most likely, a large mass of users in distress would have taken advantage of all this, but experience has shown not everything is so simple, though, and not everything is as difficult as it seems.

Starting to find out more deeply the problem, we came to the conclusion that the following error was the cause of everything: “HP Inc. - HIDClass - 01/10/2019 12:31:00 AM - - Error 0x800703e3 ”, which just does not allow the driver to install / upgrade. Based on the information received, we will try to install the necessary add-ons using our own resources, and if we manage to do everything correctly, then error 0x800703e3 in Windows 10 will not bring any worries into the system.

How to install HP drivers in Windows 10?

We have already concluded with you that the usual installation / update method does not suit us, which means that we will have to divide the everyday process into several additional steps and only after they have been completed can we try to perform an automatic installation / update. In this case, you'll gradually do the following:

  • You should start with the launch of the Microsoft Update Center, where it is possible to manually find the “hp wireless button” or you can search on the Microsoft website page. Do not forget that the driver search is performed only for Windows 10 edition!
  • If you find the driver you are looking for, then download it and here, you should pay attention to the fact that the file that appeared on your device has the format ".cab".
  • A new step is to create a folder in the place where the PC workspace is convenient for you (the place does not matter, but you must necessarily create the folder).
  • Refer to the downloaded file (the one that has the extension “.cab”) and double-click the left mouse button to open it. As soon as “.cab” is opened, 3 files will appear in front of you, you copy the data of the files and move them to the created folder from the previous step.

  • If the transfer was successful, then now, from the three files, you need to select the one that has the “.info” format and you will need to make a single click on it with the mouse button, but only this time, right. This click will open the context menu, where there will be several options for action, but we are only interested in “Installation”. During the installation, the security system "dozens", can warn you about the dangers of these actions, but do not be afraid, because without this procedure, you just simply can not do.

  • “Just now, you can finally understand:“ HP drivers are not installed in Windows 10 or are they installed? ”You can do this by going to“ System Settings ”and referring again to“ Windows Update ”, after which by clicking the button “Repeat” already familiar to you.

As practice shows, using the above method, installing or updating HP drivers, in most cases, is successful and the user no longer has any problems. The only thing at the end of this process, you will only have to restart the system in "automatic" or "manual" mode, after which, you can enjoy the work done personally.

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