IE in Windows 10

Many users of computers and laptops, even after “a dozen” came out with their new browser Edge, still dream of using the long-known “Internet Explorer”. Such a desire is due to the fact that for many years, Microsoft, in the literal sense of the word, forced fans of its software to use the above-mentioned browser, and then, at some point, the decision was made by the developers to abandon the software they created and constantly updated. That is why user dreams of seeing and starting to use IE in Windows 10 remain incredibly multifaceted and constant. Of course, such a desire, to someone from those who have never used IE and worked with another browser, may seem like some kind of nonsense, but for those who have this particular software became the most familiar, you just can't do without it. In such a situation, which seems to be a dead end, inexperience and poorly educated PC users pushes them to an ill-considered step - downloading Internet Explorer from third-party resources, although in fact everything takes place in their Win 10 used, but only in the “hidden” section where just do not get...

How to run IE in Windows 10?

To begin with, you should use the “Search”, which is located in the lower right corner of the monitor screen, as in the empty search field, you need to register the command “Internet Explorer” → “Search” under the control of the program assistant in the person of “Cortana” wait a long time and prompts you to choose from the presented results the one that is most suitable.

If you want to be able to access Internet Explorer more quickly, then do all of the above, just add after the appearance of the search results, right-click on the icon “Internet Explorer” → from the context menu, select “Pin on the home screen” or “Pin to taskbar.

All the above steps will allow you at any time, using just one click of the left mouse button on the corresponding icon, to launch IE in Windows 10. Thus, the availability of your favorite browser will be extremely simple and as fast as possible.

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