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Many users of PCs and other platforms have long been waiting for the moment when the favorite Microsoft Edge browser based on the updated Chromium software kernel comes out. Waiting lasts long enough, as the developers of the updated version of the browser from MS, are trying to create a unique product, which has no analogues in the world. That is why, the news that now anyone can run the Internet Explorer emulator in Edge did not make a lot of noise, as it was expected in principle, but at the same time it did not go unnoticed by the user. community. It is attention to this topic that did not allow us to pass by it, since it is impossible not to tell about the unique features of the new browser!

Let us begin by explaining... The ability to use the Internet Explorer browser in the Microsoft Edge browser environment is not available in all versions of the program, but only starting from the “” edition. Thus, do not try to find the options described below if your software has not been updated for a long time.

Internet Explorer Emulator in Edge

In fact, this option has not yet been fully developed, but no matter how it was there, it can already be used for the given period of time; the ability to configure looks like this: you need to use the "edge: // flags" command, which is entered into the search string Edge browser → after that, you have the opportunity to use "Enable IE Integration" and select in the additional menu with actions that which you need → in the browser itself, go to the "Additional Tools" tab → select the item to the action - "Show this page used zuyu Internet Explorer »→ enjoy the updated look of the open web page.

It may seem strange, but using Internet Explorer in the Edge is quite convenient, especially when it comes to constant interaction with completely different software environments.

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