Disconnecting a user session in Windows 10

Let's consider the situation when the computer is used not only by you, but also by someone else ... If using the device one at a time assumes work in one account, then this article is not for you! But if using the device one by one assumes a constant transition to the OS using a new account, then this instruction will be very useful for you! The essence of this article is that the alternate use of the tenth generation system by several users and the constant change of accounts can make the top ten practically inoperable, since it will be loaded with a huge number of processes. That is why, we suggest everyone to learn how to shut down a user's session in Windows 10 and thus, “unload” the system core.

Before you begin to perform the above steps, we recommend making sure that the one who worked on the PC in front of you did not leave open Word documents or other projects, because once you shut down and everything that was done before - your companion on the use of a computer, immediately disappears - will not be saved! So, be ready for this!

Turning off a user session in Windows 10

In general, this process is based on the use of the well-known “Task Manager”, as this is the optimal application that allows you to solve the problem in a matter of minutes. Accordingly, you simply run the Task Manager:

  • You can use the simultaneous pressing of "Ctrl + Alt + Del";
  • You can use the "Context Menu Taskbar".

The “Task Manager” window should have the “Users” tab (in the upper horizontal menu), if there is no such tab, use the “Details” button and switch to the more modern “Manager…” view. Now, you just have to select “Account”, which will be turned off and right-click on it, so that you can use the “Exit” button in the context menu.

The correctness of your actions will be confirmed by the appearance of a mini-window with a warning / question, where you need to select the "Logout user" button, provided that you really understand the responsibility of this action.

It is worth noting that the shutdown of the user's session in Windows 10 will happen instantly and if earlier your OS was slow and “slowed down”, now, it will receive an increase in resources and show you its speed and speed.

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