Setting the context menu in Windows 10

As you know, the Parameters application built into Windows 10 is very versatile and its launch can be performed in a huge number of ways, among which there are not only third-party add-ons for the OS, but also “standard”: the Start menu, the Search application, "Hot keys" "Win + i", "Action Center" and so on. Of course, it seems that all these options for comfortable work with the OS is enough, but as practice shows, it’s practical to “collect” all the parameters in the Windows 10 context menu and use the necessary options with just one click mouse and one click the left mouse button. In addition, this method allows you to be able to always and everywhere in the working moments, to have the “parameter” / “option” you need in click-through availability.

How to add all the parameters in the context menu of Windows 10?

Immediately, we note that there are other ways that are different from those that will be described in our article, but it seems to us that our options are one of the most optimal and simple, which allows them to be used by any users, regardless of their knowledge of the system. tenth generation.

Method number 1

The essence of this method comes down to the fact that you have to DOWNLOAD the free archive from our server and unzip it, after which you will have the opportunity to find the “Registry File” on which you will have to double-click with the left mouse button. If everything is done correctly, the system will not take long to wait and will offer you to confirm your intentions, which will introduce changes to the OS registry.

It is noteworthy that after performing the above procedure, you do not have to reboot the system, since the changes will be applied instantly and can be seen by performing a right-click on any area of ​​the screen working space, which authorizes the loading of the “Context Menu”.

Method number 2

This method is almost identical to the previous one, but only with the amendment that you will be able to independently check the program code that you are going to add to the system registry.

Here, your actions will look like this... Do a DOWNLOAD archive from our server and immediately unzip it. Now, you have the opportunity to make a check available when unzipped text document that will be directly related to the Notepad application. After checking the code, click directly on the buttons File and Save As in the Notepad application window, in the File Name field you will need to specify the name of the file being created and assign ".reg" to it, then click on “Save” button. Having created a new “Document file”, double-click on it with the mouse and authorize its launch, after which, confirm your intentions in the appeared window using the “Yes” button.

After the operation described above, you do not have to reboot the system, since the changes will be automatically applied and it will be possible to check them by right-clicking into the empty area of ​​the working space on the monitor screen.

Thanks to this setting, you can add all parameters in the context menu of Windows 10 in a matter of seconds and most importantly, you’ll really want to use these add-ons, because today they are one of the most popular among a huge number of users constantly doing versatile work on their PC.

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