Configuring the Taskbar in Windows 10

It often happens that not many of you know what it means to disable grouping of buttons on the Taskbar in Windows 10, since most users use the system in the state in which they have it. But this is not always convenient, and for this reason, periodically, some of you, you have to come up with something to gain additional knowledge for setting up your operating system and bringing it to practical perfection. Of course, it's not so difficult to do this procedure, as it may seem at first glance, but if you dig a bit deeper, then in some settings, it's best to use ready-made articles or other information materials that will simplify the OS setup many times. This is what prompted us once again to tell everyone looking for information about what constitutes a disabling the grouping of buttons on the Taskbar, since this process, while not laborious, but still, takes a certain amount of time and effort.

To make you understand why we are touching the taskbar with its grouping of buttons, we explain... Some users of PCs and laptops are not always comfortable to use buttons that are divided into groups, but it's easier to work with fully accessible buttons that can be found on the Panel much faster in any work situation.

The setup process itself looks like this: using the mouse cursor, which is directed to the taskbar and the PCM click, a context menu is called, in which there is the "Taskbar Options" item, which is where you just click on the LMB.

Now, before you should open a window where your main goal of choice will be the item "Never", which is located in the "Group buttons on the taskbar". Immediately, you should pay attention to the fact that for total control of disabling the grouping of buttons on the taskbar, you should use "When the taskbar is full". If you select the second option, then the icons will be grouped only if there is not enough free space on the Panel, and all the rest of the time, they will be freely available.

As it seems to us, this kind of introduction of changes to the system allows several times to speed up the speed with which it works, since the user has always unhindered access to those options of the system that should be at his fingertips, and should not hide in a certain " grouping ", in which, it is necessary to search for something else. In addition, with a widescreen monitor, the above-described shutdowns are exactly what you really like.

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