Buy ESET NOD32 Internet Security Family

Buy ESET NOD32 Internet Security Family
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  • Bit Systems: x64, x86
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Protection of devices used directly at home is actually a very specific process, since it does not have any specific criteria and for this reason, it can be considered one of the most multifaceted. That is why, in order to increase the security level of your OS, we recommend that you buy ESET NOD32 Smart Security Family on 3 PCs, which can do quite well to increase the security level of both individual system elements and the entire system .

What is the uniqueness of this antivirus?

The uniqueness of this program lies in the fact that it was developed not for specific users working in one direction, but for the whole family, where each user of the device, every now and then faces dangers in the form of viruses, being at the computer. Of course, for someone invisible dangers may seem like real rubbish, but if you drop a little deeper, then at that moment when this same user realizes that “something is not right” happens to his system, then most likely it will be late to save the OS and personal files, will have to take drastic measures to reinstall the OS. It is for this reason that enormous resources were introduced into this antivirus designed to secure the system as much as possible with the help of:

  • Antivirus and Anti-Spyware - this is a kind of each other - complementary symbiosis of applications, where one complements the other and at the most difficult moment comes to his aid. New anti-virus security system is almost perfect in all directions.
  • UEFI Scanner is an updated security system that allows security software to become active before the OS is fully loaded. Thus, the Eset Nod32 Antivirus license has the ability to easily protect the OS from unauthorized penetration of malicious software at the most unexpected moment.
  • Protection against ransomware programs - it’s not a secret to anyone that on the Internet often there are not just viruses, but various ransomware in the form of: banners, embedded windows, blockers, and so on. None of this, you will no longer threaten, since all this filth will be cut off from the OS.
  • Protection of online payments - it is much easier to pay for purchases if you are confident in your security software, and this antivirus is exactly the program that can really contribute to making full-value and most secretive Internet payments from any programs and applications, which allows you to save your data safe and sound.
  • Protection against hackers is one of the components of the software that can make it easy to protect you from hacking the security system by professional attackers who have specialized education and some experience in their field of activity. Any attempt to penetrate from the "outside" into your OS will be immediately cut off and blocked.
  • Webcam protection is an addition that is recommended to use, provided that you have a webcam installed, which should not follow you without your knowledge. Not one software without your permission will not be able to connect to the webcam and as a result, your personal life will be known only to you.
  • Protection of the home network is an opportunity to no longer worry about the use and security of the home Internet network, since the antivirus will check the Wi-Fi connection and all devices that connect to it. In addition, if buy ESET NOD32 for home, then he can always tell you what to pay attention to and how to secure the network.
  • Anti-theft is a kind of application that makes it possible to track your device, provided that it was stolen or lost. Thus, you will always know the location of the device, and it will additionally take pictures with the help of the built-in camera to capture the thief, if someone else is involved with the loss of the device.
  • Protecting children on a computer and Protecting children on a mobile device is an option to protect a child at any age from content that is still unacceptable for him. Parents can adjust the level of parental control remotely and thus, it will easily strengthen it or weaken it if necessary.
  • Protection of all devices is a very modern and progressive option that allows you to install ESET NOD32 on 3 computers not only on stationary devices in the face of a PC, but also on: laptops, tablets and smartphones. In addition, the protected devices may have different OS: Windows, Mac, Linux or Android.
  • Protection of Smart TV and “smart” devices is a novelty that is designed to protect third-party software and advertising from unauthorized installation in those devices that are related to modern TVs, but running different operating systems.
  • License management is a small, but very pleasant bonus that allows you to manage all licenses on the official ESET NOD32 website and, if necessary, strengthen or reduce the protection of a particular device.
  • Free technical support is idle time and a very accessible system of mutual help from a support service, provided that you find yourself in a situation in which you simply cannot do without qualified advice.
  • The security report is a small, but also useful option that allows you to get a report on all the problems that have arisen in the OS and because anti-virus protection was taken.

To all of the above, it is worth adding the fact that the price tag for this protective software is quite acceptable, since in this case we are talking about a program that can be installed on 3 different devices and they will be protected for at least 12 months and at maximum 20 months. Thus, you can buy ESET NOD32 for home only once and immediately forget about its further extension, since the lifetime of this anti-virus program is simply enormous, even by modern standards!

ESET NOD32 Smart Security Family is an easy-to-learn anti-virus software that has a very large number of options and additional applications designed to secure the system as much as possible, but at the same time, give any user, in the literal sense of the word, “enjoy” constant interaction with all his working capabilities. which is not enough.

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