Kaspersky Internet Security Android 1 Year / 1 device

Kaspersky Internet Security Android 1 Year / 1 device
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Before you a full Kaspersky license for Android, which just a few years ago, might seem to most PC users something extra expensive, as they did not consider it necessary, to install on their smartphones and tablets security software which could fully protect it from any virus threat. Only, several years have passed and the opinion of the bulk of gadget users has changed instantly and it was not for the reason that the network has a lot of commercials or articles that in all colors told about what awaits the user working with the gadget without protective software, but for the reason that 90% of these same users, personally could face the virus and be its victim: stealing money, spam mailing, theft of personal data and so on. All this, in its entirety, led to the fact that rumors of new viruses, which are appearing more and more often on smartphones and tablets, began to be transmitted through the so-called "word of mouth", which did its job and in fact, was able to protect simply a colossal amount unreasonable people.

Why Kaspersky for Android?

The main problem of most modern antiviruses is that not all of them have the ability to respond in a timely manner to virus threats, which can often be hidden under almost any: link, picture, correspondence, etc. It is for this reason that we suggest that you pay your attention to the Kaspersky Anti-Virus, which was developed specifically for the Android operating system, which made this protective software several times more powerful than its counterparts developed by other companies. In addition, this antivirus has a fairly good response to any virus threats, it allows you to monitor the entire system of your gadget and periodically provides a report on the main vulnerabilities that occur in the device. Thanks to this kind of action, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Android, it can independently solve a huge number of seemingly insurmountable problems, which are just connected with making the system on a smartphone or tablet as secretive as possible from viruses and with everything working on it the maximum speed. Of the main positive points, the use of Kaspersky Anti-Virus is worth noting:

  • This is one of the fastest reactions to detect and block any virus threat, regardless of how it manifests itself and what degree of danger it carries.
  • Timely update of virus databases, which allows the antivirus to block the newest viruses that appeared on the Internet in the last few hours.
  • The small size of the distribution used and the minimum hardware requirements for your gadget.
  • It's quite simple and understandable interface with which even a child has the opportunity to understand, provided that he first holds a smartphone or tablet in his hands.
  • Multilateral protection of virtually any device running an Android operating system.
  • There is a built-in blocking of dangerous: applications, sites, links, images, etc.
  • There is data protection, which allows you to hide unwanted information from your phone when you lose your device.
  • There is an innovative protection: contacts, calls and SMS from prying eyes. If you do not want someone to see with whom you communicate through the means of your device.
  • Kaspersky for gadget has the ability to independently filter incoming SMS and calls, in order to protect you from all unwanted spam from annoying companies.

In fact, considering this particular antivirus in terms of long-term use on your device, you can confidently state that for today it is the best product of a domestic manufacturer that can only exist on the software market. Only due to the fact that this software has a huge number of unique applications that function independently, without interfering with their user's work, allows us to state with full confidence that this software will suit any smartphone or tablet user regardless of its age category, since it can work autonomously, and if necessary, allow yourself to set up in a way that is necessary in a particular situation.

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