Kaspersky Internet Security 2 PC / 2 Years reg free

Kaspersky Internet Security 2 PC / 2 Years reg free
  • 1990р.
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  • Bit Systems: x64, x86
  • Delivery: Digital Activation Key.
  • License Type: Retail
  • Language: All languages
  • Number of PCs: 2
  • Download distributions: Download link
  • Regional binding: The key can be used from anywhere in the world.
  • Life time: 1 year
  • Instant
  • Region FREE
  • 10 000+ revies
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    & support

In modern realities of the existence of a huge number of programs related to antivirus, it is difficult to choose exactly the version of software that could satisfy all the basic needs of the average user of a computer or laptop. That's why, we decided to offer you Kaspersky Antivirus for Windows, which today is the software that can protect 99.9% of users from all threats, which in all their manifestations can harm the operating room system.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus as a protective software in everyday life

In fact, in order to use this particular variant of anti-virus protection, there is a huge number of undeniable moments that can not be seen when using a similar software that can be developed by third-party companies, even if it costs several times more. Here are just the main points that Kaspersky can boast of:

  • Compared with its competitors, this software has a completely restrained pricing policy, which allowed him to become a kind of heart among some of his kind. Thus, this program can afford any of you as by modern standards its cost can be considered even underestimated.
  • No antivirus can boast of such an active response rate as this product. The activity of the "response" is not only that the antivirus reacts lightly to any user orders in terms of settings and actions for scanning virus threats, but it also has the ability to respond immediately to any unauthorized attempts to invade the system.
  • A program of this level must certainly receive a huge number of updates, which actually happens with this software every day, as it receives unique virus bases from one to three times a day. Thus, this antivirus is always up-to-date and can easily block even the newest virus threats.
  • This version of the software has a file antivirus, which allows you to protect the OS at the time when the system starts and its protective software does not have the ability to fully control all system processes.
  • With the active use of the mail client, you do not have to worry about that you will receive a letter with spam or advertising in your mailbox, since you will have a Web antivirus that will cope with unwanted e-mail messages.
  • Also, this software has not managed without the constant monitoring of programs, which allows it to monitor the software installed on your computer. This kind of surveillance makes it possible to block the application in a timely manner, which at some point, decided without your knowledge, to send your personal data to third-party servers.
  • Now, the protection of the web camera under the control of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, as it has the ability to protect this device from the penetration of spyware into it.
  • The anti-phishing system also works in full, which allows you to check everything in ip-addresses for belonging to the list of phishing web addresses. Thus, it is almost impossible to get to the page that is invalid, the average user.
  • The license key for Kaspersky can allow you to be shielded from the numerous advertising banners that are present on the vast majority of Internet resources. This includes advertising banners - extortionists who block the system and try to intimidate the user of the PC, forcing him to send a certain amount of money to someone else's phone number or bank card.
  • There is also a secure data entry, which allows the antivirus program to hide all logins and passwords you enter from Internet sites and social networks, which does not allow any program to monitor your actions related to confidential information.
  • Making payments through the Internet is also much safer now with Kaspersky Anti-Virus, because it has a unique product called Secure Payment, which guarantees the user to enter data in a certain "sandbox" that does not allow you to track the virus and spy what you type on keyboard.
  • The antivirus boasts of its presence on board the "Parental Control", which allows parents to watch their children constantly, which in their opinion should not fall on those resources for which they are still too small.

In fact, if you consider Kaspersky's antivirus as a full-fledged software to protect your computer or laptop, you can say with complete confidence that this software is one of the most relevant and advanced in its niche to date. Thanks to the constant development and huge efforts of specialists who work in the direction of protecting user computers 24 hours a day, we and you have the opportunity to get a unique product, which has no analogues and certainly will not be anywhere near anywhere in the world.

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