Kaspersky Total Security 2 PC / 1 Year reg free

Kaspersky Total Security 2 PC / 1 Year reg free
  • Number of sales: 933
  • 600р.
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  • Bit Systems: x64, x86
  • Delivery: Digital Activation Key.
  • License Type: Retail
  • Language: All languages
  • Number of PCs: 2
  • Download distributions: www.kaspersky.com
  • Regional binding:
  • Life time: 330-350 days
  • Instant
  • Region FREE
  • 10 000+ revies
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Surely, many PC users will agree that a huge amount of all kinds of computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets that somehow work with the direct participation of all members of the family are now very actively used. It is for this reason that it is not always possible to install a full-fledged installation of anti-virus software, which could protect all devices equally well, and at the same time, in each case, make the greatest emphasis on certain areas of use of a particular device. That's why, we suggest you to find out what the Kaspersky Total Security license is, which is by far one of the best security programs that were developed in Kaspersky Lab to allow the average PC user to log out to a completely different level of use of software to protect not only their own device, but also the devices used by his family and friends.

As the developer claims, this security software has almost unlimited customization capabilities, which makes it possible to use it everywhere, regardless of the type of activity of a specific user and the time it takes to send it to a computer. It is the multifaceted nature of the antivirus that makes it several times more powerful and practical to use, as this software has the ability to update daily and bring to life a user, something new that allows his computer to easily cope with any obstacles in the form of viruses or another muck, which in recent years, has become so well established on the Internet. Of the main features of this antivirus, it is worth noting the following:

  • This protective software for today can be considered one of the most versatile, but all because it has the ability to protect completely different devices running under different operating systems. In this case, we are talking about: Windows, Mac and Android.
  • With the help of innovative technologies that calculate virus threats, this program will allow you to protect the browsers of the iPhone and iPad.
  • It is worthwhile to pay attention to the fact that this software allows you to encrypt data and has the ability to make a backup of what is really important to you.
  • Not worry about the fact that someone will monitor your communication on the Internet, as Kaspersky Anti-Virus has the ability to control the privacy of your communication.
  • If necessary, you can take advantage of a secure VPN connection.
  • No more convenient antivirus than this product, because it gives you the ability to make password settings and manage them.
  • Only it is worth highlighting the functionality of this "defender" who have a relationship to the financial component of your life. No virus or spy, no longer be able to track your Internet payments on the Internet.
  • With the help of Kaspersky Safe Kids, you have the opportunity to protect your children from unobtrusive advertising, which is intended for adults. In addition, this application allows you to filter out unwanted Internet resources.
  • Park your attention to the speed of your system after installing this security software, as it will by no means be less, but everything from the fact that this software has a completely innovative approach to interacting with a system of any level.
  • If you are responsible in your family for the functioning of anti-virus protection on various devices, then after starting using Kaspersky Anti-Virus, you will no longer have any problems with configuring the protection software for your loved ones, since you can perform all necessary procedures using only your own device and internet connection.

Thus, if to buy Kaspersky Total Security today, then there is an opportunity to get a full protection for any device that was still "yesterday" in some kind of danger, and already "today", can work fully and you do not you will think that at some point, a system failure may occur, which is caused by: viruses, rootkits or spyware.

It should also be noted that in the near future, the company developer of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, promises to make another - a total update of its product, which in the near future will be able to get several very interesting protective functions that will allow this program to reach a completely different level, where it will not have any analogues the next few years. It is for this reason that we recommend to purchase this software today, as it is possible that tomorrow, it can rise in price by several orders of magnitude and you will regret that you did not purchase this - really high-quality defensive program earlier.

Sum Amount of discount
2000$ 25%
1800$ 24%
1500$ 23%
1300$ 22%
1000$ 21%
500$ 20%
400$ 19%
350$ 18%
300$ 17%
220$ 16%
200$ 15%
170$ 14%

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