Microsoft Office 2016 Standard 2 PC

Microsoft Office 2016 Standard 2 PC
  • 1300р.
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  • Bit Systems: x64, x86
  • Delivery: Digital Activation Key.
  • License Type: Retail
  • Language: All languages
  • Number of PCs: 2
  • Download distributions: Download link
  • Regional binding: The key can be used from anywhere in the world.
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In today's reality, the license key for MS Office 2016 - is the best solution, because with its help it is possible to get a full-fledged implementation of certain moments in the software and not overpay for additional items as applications, which here have a place to be. Thus, each PC user has the opportunity not to have working restrictions, since only one program is able to give what two dozen specialized programs cannot, namely:

  • Ability to process text documents. This is done using the application "Word", which for several years on the software market is considered one of the most popular among their own kind. The uniqueness of this application is that it has many tools for word processing, but at the same time, it is not difficult to use and can even tell the user how to behave in a given situation if he is faced with another problem during his work.
  • Ability to manipulate spreadsheets. This is done with the help of the application "Excel" - the second most important software supplement, which is very actively used in various working areas of activity. With the help of this add-on, it is possible to create tables with data and execute with them almost everything that you just come to mind. There is a very large toolkit for managing tables and even, it is possible to perform various arithmetic calculations with the data entered in each individual "cell".
  • Ability to collect information in a holistic presentation. This is done with the help of the PowerPoint application, and it is very multifaceted in terms of the work with it. The uniqueness of this software lies at least in the fact that it is capable of performing work without any problems, which do not always can be done by a dozen similar applications, because when creating a presentation, you need to process: text documents, video files, audio files, gifs, animation, tables and much another that can make the scattered information holistic.
  • Possibility not when and nothing to forget. This was made possible through the application “OneNote”, which takes place in Office 2016 on 2 PC and is used everywhere. This software can play the role of: notebook, reminder, organizer, and so on. In general, to forget about something with such software will simply not be possible, as it will remind you of this without fail.
  • Ability to perform communication by means of electronic correspondence. This is done with the help of the Outlook application, which in modern realities is considered to be the best medium for email clients, since it can: use mailing filters, keep safe correspondence, scan received emails for viruses, and so on. Simple and at the same time multi-functional software of this kind, many of you will like it.
  • Ability to perform editing journalistic - printed products. This is done with the help of the application “Publisher”, which in modern reality is considered very simple, but from this, its multi-faceted working capabilities are not lost and as a result, each of us has the opportunity to edit your project and give it the most attractive appearance , in the future, to perform printing work with him.

In most cases of using MS Office 2016, the majority of users will have enough of what the software can offer them in the form of the applications presented above. Only in the modern realities of using versatile programs, it is worth noting that more and more numerous cloud services are used from which Microsoft has not been able to refuse this hour, and as a result, for several years now it has been offering people to buy Office 2016 for PC and make sure that some innovations in the program that were implemented relatively recently, but this time may be in demand and are in great demand among potential consumers. So, we invite you to pay attention to another separate piece of software for 2016:

  • The application "Microsoft Office Web Apps" will allow you to perform a huge number of versatile workflows that somehow relate to the use of the above-mentioned add-ons, but only they do not require installation from you and will be available wherever there is Internet. Thus, you will have the opportunity to use: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and some others that will work in the "cloud". All this will allow you to be always ready to perform work or its adjustment and it is very convenient, since you will not find yourself in a situation where the work cannot wait, and you are not able to use your personal computer. Now, everything will be completely different ... We got access to the nearest device with Internet connection, logged in and can work for unlimited time. In addition, due to the "cloud technology" of data transfer, it is possible to keep the files in your "storage" and then also download them from there in any place convenient for you.

As a result, it is possible for anyone who decides to buy MS Office 2016 take advantage of the enormous working spectrum of applications, where one part will be available only on your personal device, and the second will always be available where you want it will need. Thus, it will be very convenient to work and there will be no problem for you to edit or re-check something.

That is why, we recommend this particular office program, and not some other one, because better and better than this software, you simply cannot find it!

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2000$ 25%
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Всё замечательно! Офис активировался. Спасибо за оперативную помощь с активацией.

  • 29.12.2023 14:47:50

Администратор быстро и четко помог справиться со всеми проблемами установки и активации. Огромное спасибо. Товар качественный. Всем рекомендую.

  • 28.06.2023 22:46:02

Было произведена замен ключа, пару раз. Спасибо за это. Не действующие ключи, были из-за кансела России.

  • 19.01.2023 16:56:47

Пользуюсь услугами данного сервиса уже около пяти лет и за всё время, а это десятки купленных ключей, не было ни каких проблем с их активацией и с установкой ПО. Спасибо поддержке за оперативные ответы на возникающие вопросы

  • 10.09.2022 19:09:24

Всё просто и понятно, были проблемы с оплатой, но выбрал другой способ и всё получилось

  • 06.09.2022 1:30:23

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Добрый день Хотел поделиться о данной продавце. Купил у него 4 проги: MS Windows 10Pro 1-шт, MS Office 2016 Professional Plus -3 шт. С 2-мя лицензиями были проблемы, не ставилась активация. После того, как на этом сайте сообщил и мой запрос прошел проверку в течение 24 часов, мне был выслан новый код активации, который помог ее пройти. Теперь все работает и активировано! Спасибо за помощь и честность в бизнесе!)) Данного продавца -рекомендую!)

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отлично! покупал ключ для активации на двух ПК, на одном активировалось без проблем, на втором было сообщение о превышении количества доступных активаций, но за несколько часов решилась проблема в переписке с продавцом

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