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Today, we suggest you buy Project 2016, as this version of the software has a lot of pluses that can not be compared with similar programs. It should also be noted that when working with this software, the user has the opportunity to more deeply analyze each individual project from the moment of its creation, to the final, and it is very convenient, as you will see what exactly can happen with a particular project in a specific the interval of its development. It is this kind of monitoring that will allow us to timely take into account all risks and situations in which there is a need for additional support for the project. I would also like to note the fact that the planning tools of this program allow you to model different situations when something went wrong and the project turned out to be too uncomfortable for its creators of the situation or, on the contrary, it turned out very well.

A special moment in using the MS Project 2016 would be to highlight the toolkit of this program, since it is really huge and can work in such directions that for most of you may seem beyond the scope of your human capabilities to realize how everything should be. Just do not think that the variety of built-in applications and tools, you can confuse and lead to a situation where it will not be convenient for you to work with the Project, because nothing like you certainly will not happen. In the program, although a sufficient number of everything, but working with it, it's so simple that you can press each button almost intuitively and do not worry that something will go wrong. We offer a look at the main working options of the software, so that it was clear what exactly we meant by the above description:

  • A huge number of built-in templates, each of which was created specifically to ensure that the user starting to work with the project did not create his own template from zero for him, but had the opportunity to use some "workpiece" that could allow him to modernize himself and lose on this is the minimum amount of time and effort. Working with templates is very convenient and most importantly, they are suitable for users in 99% of cases, and this, as you know, is a very large percentage.
  • There is an opportunity to plan the project using various tools. Thus, the user can take advantage of the Gantt charts that are convenient for him, which display everything perfectly, and there is a possibility to use the drop-down menus, where everything is formed in a simpler - text format. Due to project planning, the probability of its successful launch increases and the time for training to correct actions throughout the entire operation of the project decreases.
  • It is possible to use standard reports, which are created in order to keep up to date all the project participants who are interested in it. Reports can look like anything: in the form of diagrams, in the form of "dry" figures, can be taken for a specific period of time and so on. In any case, with these reports, it's incredibly convenient to work even for those who can not imagine what a Project 2016 license is.
  • There is a set of time scales that will allow to evaluate the process of creating a project from a sample, until the process of certain parameters is reached, using certain goals when creating it. Thus, you can visually simulate the project before its launch and demonstrate it to interested parties.
  • The software was not without the ability to create real-time reports, which is also very practical, since you and your colleagues will be able to control the entire process, which will be displayed in the visual plan. Thus, the report will look like a qualitatively constructed chart with specific indicators.

It seems to us that Microsoft Project Professional 2016 is the most successful investment of funds, since software of this level has a huge number of advantages over similar programs. In addition, the software is constantly evolving through the receipt of updates, which makes it even more holistic and versatile.

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Оплатил покупку, скачал образ диска, установил программу, а она не захотела активироваться. Ну думаю копец... Написал в техподдержку - не сразу но ответили. Рассказали что нужно сделать и прислали специальный код. Все заработало) Покупаю тут уже раз 6ой или 7ой. Все работает. Если возникают затыки, то продавец их решает.

  • 13.12.2021 14:14:34

Все отлично. Актвировал без проблем. Работает.

  • 10.02.2021 13:46:31