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For sure, for most of you, the process of creating diagrams or any other schemes that are considered technical or business, and performed at a professional level, just recently caused a real horror, as it was quite a laborious and very difficult process. That's all this was until the moment when the opportunity to buy Visio 2013 appeared, since this particular version of the software was able to turn the modern world of users who have to work at computers and perform various tasks related to with a full visualization of information on a simple sheet of paper.

What is the unique version of Microsoft Visio Professional 2013?

In fact, this edition of "Professional" has roots of its construction from the editorial staff of "Standard" and as a result, it exceeds it several times. The main advantage of the Pro version is that the user can combine the created diagrams with the data source into a single whole, and after that, it becomes possible to use the Visio Services, which allows you to publish user-created schemas. In addition, when working with Visio Services technology, you will be able to use the SharePoint portal to view all dynamically updated schemas. This option is available even for computers that do not have a preinstalled program in the form of Microsoft Visio.

If necessary, each user can use pre-installed templates in the software, which makes it easier to work with:

  • Detailed network diagrams;
  • Engineering network diagrams;
  • Skeleton diagrams;
  • With schemes of software products of databases.

The most important place in this program is occupied by the updated toolkit of the program, since it was here that the software was able to acquire new figures and updated elements, better effects and unique themes. In addition, the software has the opportunity to give users work in co-authorship, and this at times simplifies the work of two or more people on one major project.

If you have a need to make charts as dynamic as possible and use form communication with data that will be displayed in real time and can be accessed by anyone who needs it, in that case, simply activate the Visio service in SharePoint using browser tools and problems with any installation of this program on other computers, certainly will not.

If there is a need to perform a "quick chart creation", then either of you can use the so-called "stencil" - one of 60 built-in templates. If you do not have enough of the available features of the program, then in that case, you can easily take advantage of additional ones: extensions, themes and effects, which are numerous on the Internet.

As you can see, the software in the person of Microsoft Visio 2013 is slightly larger than the software customary for most of you, which you could use earlier and due to its large or vice versa, a small set of features, and could not learn to work with him. Immediately, the situation is completely different, since in appearance a cumbersome program with a huge number of versatile options can be studied, albeit not completely, but in part, in a matter of hours, which does not cause the user to waste time gaining additional knowledge, part of the options and tools in the program, you will be able to understand at an intuitive level already from the first minutes of working with the software. Thus, you can easily bring your working projects to a whole new level, where you will have an opportunity to achieve the highest results during the circuit design and reconstruction of unique projects that literally "yesterday" seemed almost impossible for you.

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