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    Finding exactly the operating system that could satisfy all user needs can be delayed for some reason, as there are situations in which the user himself does not have the opportunity to make an adequate choice of OS with which he would be able to work in the future. That's why we suggest you buy a license for Windows 10 Enterprise, because in our opinion, this is exactly the version of the operating system that really differs from itself and has a unique structure for work.

    Windows 10 Enterprise Functionality

    In fact, this system of Windows, practically does not differ visually from its analogs, with the exception of a small number of nuances, which, in fact, make this environment a kind of work environment. Among the most unusual functional options of the system, we would like to note the following:

    • The OS itself is unique and has a number of limitations, which are expressed in pre-installed applications. Here it is worthwhile to understand that the software is almost completely freed from everything that can distract from the work and as a result has a minimum of working applications, which in a huge mass are represented in other editions of the systems. To make you more clear, here you will not find: Cortana, gaming applications, various applications for communication via means of video conferences and online chats and tp.
    • It should also be noted that the "Enterprise" edition itself works much faster than its counterparts and it is connected primarily with the above-mentioned point, since the minimum number of applications is minimally loaded by the background work of the processor, which means that the system has the ability not to periodically release a specific number of capacities, but work at maximum speed constantly.
    • The system also has enough powerful protection, which, on the one hand, can work independently - without your intervention, but on the other hand, it will require mandatory introduction of certain changes into your work. Thus, you can select for your PC exactly the version of the security level that you think deserves the license of Windows 10 Enterprise.
    • Considering the above-mentioned point, it is also worth noting that the level of OS security is also tied to a very peculiar possibility for the user of the PC to install specific applications that can only be taken from the Microsoft Store. As for third-party software, when you work with this system, you will have to refuse it, because it simply will not be installed at all. Of course, this security point may seem to somebody not very practical, but considering it from a different angle, it becomes clear that you will not be able to infect the system using third-party software, since all the software you install will only be licensed.
    • I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that a sufficient number of applications that will be installed in your OS will work by default. The essence of this work also boils down to the fact that you can only use Edge by the browser, and the search will be by default only the search environment Bing. But again, no one forbids you to install another browser and use a different search engine.
    • Very important moment when working in the environment of this program, is the fact that she constantly receives updates, but not such as her colleagues in the shop, but the most "stable". This approach to obtaining updates allows you to be able to work with the OS and not worry about that the next update will have bugs due to which you will have to abandon the recently installed update by means of "rollback" and wait for the next system update.

    As it seems to us, if to buy a Windows 10 Enterprise key, you can get at your disposal really high-quality software in the face of the operating system, which is qualitative and multifaceted. Only such a program will be able to give you full freedom in your work and will not distract you from any unnecessary actions on your part aimed at entertainment or for a pointless time escorting your computer

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