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Buy a Windows 10 Home license
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Today, there are quite a lot of PC users who do not just use computers for work or entertainment, but spend time with them in a certain calm and measured environment, since they do everything a little and do not rush to anything. That's just not all PC users at the moment know that this kind of "peace of mind" is due to the use of a high-quality and modern operating system, which, with quite large pluses, has not much value. That's why, to all who are interested in purchasing such software, we recommend buy a Windows 10 Home license and try using this creation of minds from Microsoft who attempted to bring to this program only the best of what it could to be really.

Why is Winds 10 stand out in its niche?

The uniqueness of this system is due to several very interesting and unique factors that have to do with the functioning of this software alone and no other. In addition, we must not forget that thanks to this system, the user of the PC receives certain working opportunities, which also can not be left without attention. Here are just the main points, because of which it is worth buying a "top ten" in the editorial office of "Home":

  • This is one of the fastest operating systems of the tenth generation. Among its classmates, this OS has the ability to work faster due to the minimum number of different software, which is pre-installed in its depths initially.
  • This is one of the simplest OS among the systems of the tenth generation, but everything from the fact that the program is modeled in such a way that it has only the most necessary settings for the user, and everything else has an automated look that allows not to drip in the settings of the program in order , to make it some corrections.
  • This is one of the fastest growing systems, and all from the fact that it is very popular with a huge number of users, which forces its developers to constantly supplement the program and make a huge number of adjustments to it, which make the software even better.
  • This is one of the most optimal Windows 10 systems, since it has a minimal cost with very good functionality. In addition, the program works in almost any direction, unless you touch on some that relate to highly specialized.
  • This is one of the most enjoyable programs, as it has a huge number of innovative additions that are perceived by the user very simply and as a result, it works with the program without any problems from the first minutes of immersion in the "Home" environment.

As you can see, using the activation key Windows 10 Home is quite practical and convenient, especially in those moments when you need a simple software with a huge amount of functionality, but only so that you do not have the opportunity to get confused in the bottom. Thus, 99% of PC users start to show love for this program from the first minutes of acquaintance with it, and for everyone else, they remain about working with this software, at least positive emotions.

After you work in the Windows 10 Home environment, it's not a fact that you want to go back to earlier versions of Windows systems, but even if you want to do this, there is a big chance that you will soon abandon this "Return", but everything from the fact that not one of the previously created systems will not be able to satisfy all your needs and reach that level in the work that gives you a "dozen" feeling.

Sum Amount of discount
2000$ 25%
1800$ 24%
1500$ 23%
1300$ 22%
1000$ 21%
500$ 20%
400$ 19%
350$ 18%
300$ 17%
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200$ 15%
170$ 14%

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Активация прошла без проблем. С момента оплаты до активации прошло 3 минуты.

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не работает

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Возникли небольшие проблемы, написал продавцу — тот ответил в течение 5 минут, выслал инструкцию, скинул скриншоты что как делать и решил проблему в тот же час. Сервис 5/5

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Все как всегда на высоте, ключи пожизненно работают, если бы на Gold-NM не знаю как бы жили))

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Как всегда

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Ключ рабочий

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Здравствуйте, приобрёл 3 дня ключ но он не активируется скрин

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Все ок

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Отличный сайт!!! Тех поддержка работает на 5+ Рекомендую!!!

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Все работает в 95% случаев :) Спасибо за ключ. Версии про почти всегда автоматом активируются а версии Домашняя через активацию по телефону.

  • 25.05.2022 21:24:28

17.05.2022. Два друга покупали тут же, у одного ключ не подошёл, ему сразу же выслали новый рабочий. Всё супер. Спасибо

  • 17.05.2022 14:41:39

Не кинули , на то и хорошо , только при активации вылезла ошибка и пришлось по телефону активировать , а так никаких претензий нет , все хорошо

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Всё отлично, как и всегда!

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Не рекомендую. Продает не рабочий товар

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все ок как всегда

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отличный магазин и техподдержка !!!

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Ключ к Windows 10 не активируется ни каким способом. Извините, не хватило ума. Активировал ОС. СПАСИБО!!!

  • 26.08.2021 19:20:58


  • 25.08.2021 15:07:10

Ключ оказался дефектным, но его сразу заменили после проверки. Всем доволен : D

  • 19.08.2021 17:58:06

Код не работал. Быстро выстановили. Ответ дали в течение часа.

  • 01.08.2021 15:23:04

Отличный продавец, рекомендую

  • 21.07.2021 11:15:09

Активация по телефону не прошла с первого раза, но повторно выслали ключ и все ок !

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спасибо большое. пришлось через телефон активировать. я доволен)

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По инструкции все сработало

  • 17.06.2021 4:35:40

Активация по телефону жутко не удобная, но активировать смог.Спасибо за ключ

  • 16.06.2021 14:02:38

Проблема исправлена, продавец охотно идёт на контакт. Советую

  • 15.06.2021 13:17:23


  • 05.06.2021 11:48:53

спасибо все гуд

  • 02.06.2021 21:44:14